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Beautifully done. Paul contributions make up some a great portion of the Bible, as so designed by God.

Well done.

God bless~
I enjoyed your entry! Thanks for sharing. The only thing I would tweak on this would be the following: 'Within my innermost being you could say I enjoyed my work as the terminator of those people called The Way, followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Enjoying the work I watched as Stephen was being stoned.'
I would put a semi-colon after the word Nazareth and make it all one sentence ending with ... enjoying the work as I watched Stephen being stoned.
I liked what you wrote. You gave a clear picture of Paul and his life.

One thing you might want to check on. Was it Barnabus or Jesus that actually taught Paul in the desert?

Barnabus was the one who accepted Paul's conversion and brought him to the other apostles in Jerusalem and convinced them that he(Paul) had truly been converted.

Good writing. Keep it up.

God bless~