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Great pearls of wisdom in this informative piece. Well done, and well said.

Excellent bit of writing!

God bless~
I felt your article had too many "subjects" or main ideas you were discussing. Maybe the transitions did not carry me from one to the other easily.

Your thought about the home with both husband and wife were good. In those without both, there is usually a need.

Prayer for their needs might be the first thing we should do to help and then see what else we could offer.

If homes and families are your main interest, see what might open up before you. Do not be afraid of what it might be. It may be God's call for you.
This article really grabbed my attention and drew me in. I love the comparison of a mom and dad as salt and pepper, and the illustration of a home, and life in general, being better with both of them. Very creative.
Some excellent thoughts.

Great job with the topic.

I agree with my Brother, Larry. Sometimes I sit down and beat my head against the wall trying to fit all that is in my head into 750 words. I chop, cut, erase, and rewrite until I can focus on one main idea and thought that I am trying to get across. If we take on too much we do disservice to our main idea.

Super writing. God bless.
You won't be a "beginner" long . . .

Throw a "brick" to garner plaudits, helpful advice, sweet encouragement and, best of all - make new friends!

God bless you and your work for our Lord . . .
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
God BLess~