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Interesting! I don't think it's correct Biblically, but it makes a good story. I'm glad you included the part about entering heaven because a person believes in Jesus' work on the cross.
Very interesting...I'm not sure how I'd react to a dream like that! Thanks for sharing!
I like this. There have been a few takes on the final exam before Heaven, but you approached it in a fresh way. Often the dream scenario can be seen as too often used literary device, but again you handled it well. It wasn't a dream, but a vision.

I think the only reason it may not have ranked higher is because some of the transitions felt a bit choppy to me. Even your beginning was backward, talking about polite people before she entered It's a subtle difference, but something like: As Megan entered, her heart pounded. This was what she expected at all. The lady at the desk smiled and said, "Go down the hall, knock on the last door on the left, and then enter."
Megan relaxed a bit. At least the people here are polite.
I know that's not perfect, but it helps set up the scene while showing the conflict with Megan's pounding heart.

Overall, though, you really did a nice job. You covered the topic in such a fresh way. Your ending was great It resolved the conflict and left me with a warm feeling. I look forward to reading more of your work. You have a delightful knack for storytelling. Congratulations for placing 8th in your level!(The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)
I meant to say in the example This wasn't what she expected and to tell you the At least she was polite, I would have put in italics to show her thoughts, but can't do italics here. Again though, I did enjoy it and think you did a wonderful job. You also might want to check out a thread on the message boards called Jan's Writing Basics. Jan does a wonderful job of covering the things I was trying to say. She is also diligent about responding to every post on her thread. Check it out, it's wonderful for seasoned writers and newbies alike.