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Very good message here and very well written. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this one!
Your message is refreshing, meaningful, and personal. Thank you for sharing this testimony of your walk with the Lord.
Good job. You should consider entering the blog contest. I think you would do well. You can find the link on the home page.
Storytelling is powerful. Did you ever think about the number of stories Jesus told? Those of us who write stories are in good company. I love when a familiar Bible story is told in a different way, bringing out new facets I hadn't considered before.
Wonderful analogy - having us, the children, tell the bedtime story. This is delightful.
You tell of your discovery of the value of stories and their impact well. Stories are what people remember and God can use them greatly. Jesus certainly did. Thanks.
This is a great devotion. You started off with a perfect Bible verse and then went into something everyone could relate to. I wondered if maybe you would miss the topic, but you did pull it in at the end. I liked the way you told your message without coming off as preachy. The prayer was the perfect end to a great devotion. Good job,
I love the way you led into the story with a scripture. I also enjoyed the story in itself of Moses hitting rock and then leading into the story sharing answers to why? I truly enjoyed the story.
Your beginning made me laugh because there have been times when I would be at a Bible study initially and think that with the way it started out that I wasn't going to learn anything either. Yet, I have found out that if I come with an appetite, truly seeking, I won't be disappointed just like the MC in your devotion wasn't. When the narrator finally understood that he was going to be able to apply a lot of the answers to the teacher's questions to his life, I initially thought, now that is clever, you are going for 'click' without using the word and just the fact that "the narrator was not getting it." So, you really covered the topic in a way on two different levels, that way and by talking about clicking on the computer. I love the different styles of Bible studies, thanks for sharing this one. Blessings.
A great example of how we are to be salt to the world. Salt gives flavor and makes us want/desire more. You've done a great job telling your story and making this reader to want to read on.
Thank you for sharing this well written piece on how a unique lesson in storytelling impacted your life. I liked your question about reproducible ministry. Well done.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level one! Happy Dance!