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I like the commentary about not having to be perfect. Christians forget that sometimes I think. It is hard to know how to represent Christ, a perfect person, while at the same time being so so imperfect ourselves. The love He gives and moves through us is perfect, and outshines our imperfections. Thank you for writing.
This is a nice mini sermon. You make some great points and give the reader something to think about.

A piece like this can easily feel like a lecture to some people. A good way to fix this would be to change the voice from talking directly to the reader about what they should do would be to show how something impacted your life and share that.

I think this is a great analogy. I like the idea of each person being a note. Alone that note may sound a bit harsh but by blending them together it is like harmonizing with God. Lovely bit of writing,
Beautifully said and written. I enjoyed this. Thank you. God bless~