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I really like the title and the humor in the story. I don't think I would ever go camping again if such disasters were to happen to me.
What are you doing in Level 1? You won't be here long with great writing like this. I enjoyed the humor and the message.
What a great title! That made me smile right off...great story, excellent writing ( I think you should be in a different level???) and a wonderfully entertaining tale overall.

Great job...I loved it.

God bless~
I really enjoyed your sense of humor. You had me giggling throughout this delightful story. You did a great job of writing on the topic and in the end getting a message that we all need to hear from time to time. Good job.
I agree. You might think about moving to a different category. Great story; well-written.
This is great! I've been giggling the entire time while reading your story. I could literally see the VW bus pointed heavenward. Though I'm sure the situation wasn't delightful, your description of it was!

I could write paragraphs in empathy, but I won't. Suffice it to say, there was this time (one of our many times)... in Williamsburg, VA... with a hurricane bearing down on us. I've never seen trees bend that way before, in person.

You did a wonderful job with this topic and I agree with the others in that you won't be in this level long. Great writing!
What a pleasure to read! Well, I only read it this morning after your win-congratulations, I am so glad this won first place. The other's were right, you do need to be in another level and now you have to move up! You write very well and while I have never had vacations such as the ones you described (that unfortunately is more indicative of my life in general) your main point is one we all need to remember-to allow Jesus to be our rest. Again, congratulations!
Congrats on this wonderful piece! God bless~
Congratulations on your beautiful ribbon and for placing 15 overall!!
Clever! Great writing. Congrats on your 1st place win.
Fun and refreshing look at where our plans usually lead.
Congratulations on your 1st First place winning entry, I foresee many more!
I read this in a library, and it took everything I could to not bust out laughing through this entire story. I hope to read it again at home where I can bust out laughing. Very enjoyable. You deserved the win!!!!
Too funny! Your article is too polished to be in the Beginner's level, and I see that there are many here who agree with me! You have such a deft touch with droll humor! Thank you for tickling me!
I enjoyed the story and it kept me laughing from beginning to end.

The opening paragraph really drew me in and left me wanting more. I had a feeling your wife would win the argument when she said, "I need a vacation".

I thought I had the monopoly on storm clouds but I guess I was wrong. It seems if there is only one cloud in the sky, I still get drenched.

You have such an amazing talent for writing that God has gifted you with.

Keep up the great work!

Liked the humour and the lighthearted tone. True rest begins when you come to the end of yourself