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Very good job I like the way it flowed.
Very enjoyable poem which I found to be right on topic. Your rhythm was good except im one stanza but other than that you were right on mark re the topic and you obviously know your Bible to be able to write a poem such as this. Good job!
A wonderful tribute to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,and so obvioushow much you love the Lord.

This was lovely. Thank you.

God bless~
This is a delightful culinary tour of the Bible. I think it was quite clever and I enjoyed the rhyme and smooth rhythm.

As for the little fluke about repeating the verse, don't worry that happens to the best of us. One little trick I learned is to leave the level and title boxes blank until you have fully previewed your story. By leaving it blank if you accidentally hit submit instead of preview the article won't be accepted until you go back and fill in the level and title boxes.

This was fun to read and left me with a feel good feeling. You definitely covered the topic in a creative and different way.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in your level!