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This was a cute account of a dutiful and loving wife.

I particularly enjoyed the ending...but I was wondering why he got so embarrassed? Was it because people there knew the "girls of whom he spoke?" Or, were some of them present?

It got me thinking! Nicely done. God bless~
I chuckled about the repeated stories. I know some of my adventures have changed a tad over the years. The kids catch me on it and have some fun at my expense.

I think my brain is on vacation because I've been having trouble "getting" the ending in several stories now. You had some words to spare and it might make your story even better if you showed some examples of his tall tales.

You did a nice job writing on topic. I enjoyed the relationship between a couple together for so many years.
I enjoyed the account of the wife having to endure all the tales, reminds me of some people I know. I didnt get the end though...was the old girlfriend among the people there or something? It almost, to me, seemed like a part got left out of the ending. But I just didn't get the reason for the embarrassment at the end at all. ??
The height and energy of this story equally matched the height of the energy you were describing in your husband, which made it an enjoyable read. I would have liked to hear more about those girlfriends, and what it was that turned the man so red.

My favorite line: "He could easily be mistaken for a politician rounding up votes,"