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This brought tears to my eyes. I feel the MC's pain and anguish. The troubling thoughts and endless "what ifs" - Somehow I beleive this is a true story/incident, which makes it that much more powerful.

If this is a true story; I pray that healing comes to the person who experienced this, and the realization that he is with the Father in heaven, and doing all those things he did so well.

In heaven, all things are forgiven...Forgive yourself.

God Bless~
Powerful, gripping and realistic. My heart not only breaks, but prays for a hopeful next chapter. "All things are possible..."
Thank you for sharing.
This is a powerful testimony that ripped my heart apart. I can't imagine the pain you must have felt.

My only critique would be it doesn't really seem to fit the topic. However, I hope writing this helped the healing and grieving process If it does that's all that matters. I also think it will make other parents realize how fragile life is and I know I will take extra time to hug my daughter and learn a bit about her day more.God bless you for sharing such a difficult story.
Emotion-packed and gripping.
Held my attention. I loved the simple, concise title, and I like how you broke up your musings with a few one line sentences. Your final sentence was brief, but dramatic - a perfect ending!
One observation: Did you mean to write, "not time...or no time?" I also had to think about this: "Now that you MIGHT be gone."

Each word drips with pain and pathos. Not sure if it hit the target for the topic, but very nicely done.
This pulls at my heart strings. I hope it isn't a true story - yours anyway. God bless you for sharing if it is and may He give you comfort. This is so well written and it seems to come right from the heart. Very well done.
Thank you for your comments. It is a true story but it is not mine; Max was my nephew. He drowned in drain in a flooded field after his foot became stuck. He was 17. It was all over the news in the UK at the time. This is written for his mum, Kate. She has really suffered over the last three years. As a family, we all miss Max enormously but none of us hurt like his mum and dad do.

When I thought about Where Angel's Fear to Tread, I thought about feelings that are so hard its difficult to see light in them. I thought about Kate and her grief.
I cried the whole way through. I will be praying for Kate and your family. You wrote this very well. A horrible story, but you told it well. You must have walked very close to Kate during this tragedy to be so in tune with the anguish. In an abstract way, I felt it did fit with the subject matter.
This was powerful and directly on target.Though Angels protect and comfort, they are immune to the emmotional horror of a loss so excrucinatingly painfull that God himself used this sacrifice to redeem fallen man! You described this human agony with profound depth and sincerity. You have narrated us through the most painfull hurt to which the human soul can be exposed. A place where angels cannot tread. Your acceptance of the painful indictment of a writer to relive and describe the most painfull of human conditions has earned you graduation to ther next level.
This was a emotionally gripping. Thank you for sharing this with us. The writing was excellent from start to finish; praying for Kate and your family.
The hardest moments in the funerals I take are when I look into the eyes of parents who have outlived their children. You have captured the heartache and the unasked, unanswerable questions that are in their eyes.
It may appear slightly off-topic; but obviously Max has lived "to the max," going (like all indestructible teenagers) where angels fear to tread! I hope it rates well, because it is beautifully written.
Pamela, I'm going to feature this entry on the Front Page Showcase for the week of May 21. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!
Oh my, Pamela, this was so hard to read. As a mum to 3 young boys, this would be the most horrific thing I could ever imagine having to go through; brings tears to my eyes just contemplating the grief Max's parents must have (still are) going through.

Beautifully written; thank you for sharing it. Blessings.