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I love this! You told the story beautifully. While angels are a mystery you brought this story to life. I could easily picture the entire scene.

My only suggestion would be to break the first paragraph into a couple of smaller ones. This is an intense and beautiful story and it would be a shame if someone skipped it because they were overwhelmed with the long opening.

The ending was superb, you did a great job from beginning to end.
Very fine writing!This one caught my interest, from the beginning. You know, I never thought before about Jesus having a guardian angel when He was on earth - He was fully human, while God, so I suppose He might have had one!

This was charming, delightful to read, and very well-written. Good job!
Very nice story...loved the creativity! Makes me excited about Christmas all over again!
So beautifully written. Nice job...God Bless~
Beautiful, very beautiful, well done. Cheers Kel
Great job! Beautiful story!!!!
Beautiful imagery...light flooding away from him to settle like a blanket in the corners of the room.

I was engaged throughout. Thanks for the read! I might break up the long paragraphs to make it easier on the eye. Good job.
A lovely story. I agree that the first paragraph is rather long. I liked the humility and hard work of the angel.

Great writing! Loved the creativity. You have a unique voice, keep writing!
I struggled a little to remain interested with the paragraph style in the beginning of this story. Once you brought Gabriel into the picture with conversation and a little action, you added a lot of spark to the story. Gabriel's words to Samuelle are right on and outstanding and I like your ending. A couple of extra little words crept in, but your story is charming. I hope to see you keep writing.
Very unique story line, strong imagery and descriptions. Well done.
What a sweet and charming little story! I too never thought about Jesus having a specific guardian angel like the rest of us do, I always imagined all of the main angels just being ready at any moment for His call. With the paragraphs broken into smaller doses this would make a sweet childrens story, especially sweet to be read at Christmas! Great job!
Wonderful story! Very unique and creative. I agree the first paragraph should be broken up into smaller ones. Well done!!
Congratulations on your "highly recommended" place. God Bless~
Beautifully written with a unique viewpoint. Congratulations!