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I found my eyes welling up as I read your story! Well done.
You've presented complex emotions -- pride, self-sufficiency, judgement and fear in a way we can all relate to. The story resolves in a believable way. When we respond to the still small voice, God softens our hearts.
First, I loved that you didn't go with the typical definition of outstanding. It's wonderful to read a fresh take on the topic.

You also managed to send a great message without being preachy. And you related to this reader. I remember when at the ageof 23, after working since I was 12, I had saved enough money to buy a house for my daughter and me. My grandmother seriously believed I should buy my older brother a house before I bought mine. I was willing to help my brother with free babysitting and any other way I could but a house?

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Your message is right on, we don't ever want to be selfish, but it is important to pay our debts (if my brother had done that he could have bought his own house.) This piece is outstanding!
great piece! How appropriate for the world we live in today. The Lord gives you enough for yourself and others. Great way to express this theme.
Congratulations, Cheryl, on your First Place entry for Outstanding!
Cngratulations sis!
congrats on first place. I could really feel the fog and the little details about her wanting to be an oceanography really painted the picture.
WOW! Great descriptions. I was in the kitchen too with you watching the fog. Very impressive. Thanks for the inspiration.