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Amen and I simply love the little "Jesus Bird". Put a great song and smile upon my heart.
A wonderful story of how God uses His creation to comfort us. Thanks.
What a precious story. God is so good. Thanks for sharing. May God continue to bless you with His song. Ruth
The others have said it all. Keep telling your stories of healing.
God uses the most wonderful and unique things to encourage us at the time of a special need.

God used birds in the Bible. It just come to mind about Noeh and the Ark. It encouraged Noeh when the dove did not come back. This let Noeh know that the waters had subsided.

He used birds for an example. How he looks after the sparrows and how much more will he take care of us. Even through such a small thing as a little bird.

God bless
Wonderful story - loved it! Jesus commanded us to consider the birds, he knew they could teach us a thing or two. Thanks
Love your title! This really spoke to me, Barb, as I have been going through my own issues. What a testimony to the goodness of God!
There is no limit, other than what we create, on God. So glad he chose to use something so beautiful to serenade you. Good article.
Wonderful job on this one, Barb! Not only is it well-done as far as the paragraphs being well-separated and the descriptions being beautifully vivid, but the message it so clearly portrays is one that we all need to remember. God hears us and loves us.

Thanks for sharing! Looks like you're really sharpening your writing skills! :)
Your heart was in your story and it touched my heart. I struggle with depression and it really is amazing how He uses the tiniest things that someone else may label a coincidence. We know better, don't we! Loved it!
Beautifully told. I like the phrase about God not only knows about the sparrow but speak through them as well. I'm sure piece is an encouragement to many.
This is so beautiful. My eyes are filled with tears. It is comforting to know that in our darkest hour God sends us what we need. This is wonderful.The words you used were quite descriptive and made me understand the despair that you described. It touched my soul and filled me with hope as I, too have been feeling souless lately.
This is a truly excellent devotional--I see your writing skills improving more and more.
Barb, your skills are just getting better and better. There was a lovely flow to this writing and the message of God's love and care is touching.

If this is your own personal experience, how tender His care for you. It gives hope and inspiration to others. That is what is so beautiful about this.
Thank you for sharing your story. Isn't it amazing how God never leaves us alone, even when we think we are alone and forgotten. God Bless.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 of your level.
God's creations are always speaking to us. Of course He can sing to us through His creations. Beautiful descriptions, Barb. Well done.