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Great message and what every writer needs...a humble heart with the willingness to learn!
Nice! Good message. -nods-

The ending seemed kind of abrupt... But with short stories it is kinda hard not to have an abrupt ending. -_-

Good job! =D
A very fun and engaging piece that kept my interest throughout. For some reason, the ending did feel somewhat off-pace somehow, but not sure why.
Very creative! I love the anonymity of the characters, and the ending is awesome. Good job!
This is a great story. I especially liked the implication that some writers may have a big head and only want praise. You did a great job pulling me into the story.
After reading the above comments, I personally liked the ending, but I think something as simple as "The Reader looked at me with a smile and said, I see you understand. I can't wait to read your next book. " or something similar to that might make those who felt it ended abruptly feel satisfied. Any way I still like it and think you did a great job.
ah... very clever work! ...and a message every writer can take to heart! I totally enjoyed this!
The abrupt ending didn't bother me. Rather it sort of smacked me in the head and emphasized your point. Good story.
All right! First place two weeks in a row! Can't beat that! ;)

This was a clever take on the topic and I enjoyed it. THIS reader gives your story a "thumbs up" review!
Caitlyn, super congrats on your level placing AND Editor's Choice with this wonderful entry!
Congratulations on your First Place Entry!! Thanks for your feedback on "Gentle Messenger". Be Blessed!
Good lesson in humility. Thanks.
Congrats on your 1st place and EC, Caitlyn. This was well written and thought provoking. I really enjoyed it!
What a delight to read. Loved your characters. Congrats on your First Place and EC placing!
Creative! Good job!

Congratulations! :)
I think I sensed the turning point at the limo ride. Great story with a punch of a message. A big Congratulations on 1st place and your EC!
Congrats on your EC Caitlyn!!!!! Woo hoo!!! I just read your comments and see that I'm one of the very few who liked the ending. I KNEW it was good. :)
Congrats on your EC and level placements. Great message for all writers who allow pride to get in the way of honing their craft.
Congrats on your 1st place and EC Very impressive indeed. You'll be flying up the levels in no time!

One of the reasons this story is excellent is you show the reader what is going on, instead of telling us. That helps the reader connect with your story right away!

I need to work on doing that more myself. Again great job:)