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Lovely poem! It starts with a real-life situation and segues into an apt spiritual lesson.

Don't worry about the strange symbols; it sometimes happens and will not affect the judging. There's at least one thread in the forums about how to get rid of them.

Thanks for this well-written poem.
What a nice poem. It's hard to tell what level I'm on when I read this as the first entry. Wow. As a hunter my dad taught me the meaning of "Shhh." This brings back memories.
Loved your poem. Love that still small voice! Well done.
This is excellent. It gave me a deep sense of peace as I read it. VERY well done. Thanks!
A great message wrapped up in an excellent poem!
It's too bad you had the glitch, but the poem itself is simply beautiful. I'm sure the judges will be able to see through the strange letters and see the beauty of your words.

I hope when the challenge is done, you'll redo it and post it again without the glitches. It would be so sad if someone missed your beautiful words and sentiments because of a computer glitch.

It truly was brilliant.
I really enjoyed your poem. I like poems that flow and rhyme simply, they are comfortable. Since the topic was one of comfort the style suited the topic perfectly for me.
Still managed to understand your message despite the errors. You did a nice job. Keep writing
This is small consulation. But I still vividly remember on my third entry in "Beginner's," when I was told it was one of the best, even by Master writers. And it didn't even make the top 15 list on beginner's.

We are all one big family of faith, and I felt impressed to tell you: that as many hiccups as I had, you can do this. And your work will move forward.

Phillipians 1:6