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Very dark and disturbing. If that is what you were going worked. "God Loves You"
Sometimes we write the nil hypothisis to clear our own soul. Poeticly this has merit.
Wow this is so powerful. I think you did an amazing job of showing what a decision like that can mean. It's so hard to know what others feel or go through until you walk a mile or so in their shoes. Dealing with chronic pain I often hear I don't know how you do it. I'd have killed myself if I had to deal with that. Yet God knows what we can handle and what will help us grow into the people He wants us to be. Some struggle with physical pain, others have financial problems and sometimes God gives a family a child unlike many kids but something special. I think many people may feel Oh I could never deal with a developmentally disabled child and the truth is not everyone could yet God chooses certain families and as the years progress one can step back and wonder who has been blessed more--the child with special needs or the family who care and nurture her? I think many families would admit to being blessed far more from having this little angel as a part of their family. I don't find this poem dark at all. Sure it might make some squirm a bit but hey whoever said that's a bad thing? I'm sure you've read Dale Evans book Angel Unaware. My mom had it because her first baby was born with spina bifida. The fluid on his brain did do damage and though he was born without any developmental problems the pressure on his brain caused all kinds of problems. The most notable a very large fluid filled head. Though looking at his baby pictures may feel a bit overwhelming at first, all one has to do is look in his eyes and my mom's eyes to see the precious love between a mother and her first baby. (Had he been conceived today, doctors would have known there were problems from the blood tests and the ultrasound and I'm sure would have encouraged Mom to have an abortion But then she would have missed out on the three wonderful years that Baby Donnie was in her life) You have touched my heart with your words even though it's been a good 5 or 6 years since you first penned them. I can't imagine how this poem has impacted people. I would almost guarantee that somewhere a baby is living his life fully today because of your words! Don't let the devil poke you in those tiny chinks of armor that God has given you. Words are powerful and they can change a life forever. Don't ever doubt yourself! This took a lot of courage to write and I'm sure God is nodding his head in approval and probably high-fiving an angel (or maybe my mom or Baby Donnie) each time someone comes across this piece! :)