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I love this so much! Your kid dialogue was right on. What a patient teacher! And I think I know Billy! Adorable! ( Uhm, I mean - excellent! :) )
This is definitely written by someone who knows four year olds! Very creative, and "excellent" use of dialogue!
This made me laugh because it is exactly how Sunday School goes in the younger classes. Too funny... That's why I'm not teaching the little ones:) Great job! Keep on writing!
This is definitely cute!

A few suggestions--an extra space (hit "enter") between each paragraph, to help your readers' eyes. And all-dialogue pieces are sometimes hard to follow. Adding a few dialogue tags or narrative sentences here and there give your reader a fuller picture of what's happening.
This was definitely a typical experience of teaching four year olds. I did confused at time when the teacher was talking or one of the children.
This is delightful — it reminded me of those challenging years I spent working with little kids in Sunday School. I could never do it now — don't have that kind of energy, patience, or courage. But, boy, those were good years! Good job.
Oh, how cute is this!!!!

I would've love to see spaces between each paragraph.

This was so real and well written. I'm remembering now why I enjoy being a praise leader instead of the one who teaches the lessons! :)
I absolutely loved this, how entertaiing! How true of some little boys I know! Keep up the good work.
I can tell you have taught children. The dialogue was perfect. Great job!
Congratulations on your EC -- this is very cute. I taught Sunday school -- once -- and Billy was the name of the "very challenging and very busy" child. I pictured him through your whole story. Good job.
Congrats Yvonne, this was delightful. Billy was alive as can be as I read this gem.
Wonderful sense of fun amid the reality.
Congratulations on the EC!
Great job showing us Billy and his actions through the dialog. You kept things snapping right along, just like Billy. (LoL) Great job. :-) Hugs!!
Cute! Congrats on your Editor's Choice win!
Sounds like you have been there and done that. Very, very nice. I enjoyed he read. Congrats on your placement. God bless.
I was reading this to my wife and we were both laughing with remembrances all the way through it. Unfortunately, because of the word limit, it only shows a brief excerpt from a typical SS class of 4 year olds - would need to be 50,000 words or more. Especially for the last 5-10 minutes.

God bless and kep writing.