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This is a good story, and you tell it very well. I'm sure teen girls would both benefit by your narrator's experience and enjoy reading it. You include many good insights as well (such as, what was the counselor learning behind the scenes from the Don character?).
Your story is very good! I liked the way you described your characters and the conversations weren't stilted, but realistic. Your topic is a good one for teens to read, also.
Is this a true story? It felt that way. You did a great job of presenting this situation that probably happens all the time in a manageable, approachable way. Good job.
Great title, and an important story for girls to read.
This sound like a real story. It is very well written. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Great title. Wonderful story. It was well written, a nice amount of dialogue. Good job.
Wow. This is haunting. I'm glad it had a happy ending, I like the POV that you had. I can't say I noticed anything really to 'fix'. It was pretty good. I enjoyed reading it, the last line tied things together very securely. Good job, Laci. ^_^
Good job writing this story. It's important for teens and their parents to know that these things happen -sadly, even in Christian settings.
Nice job! Some great descriptive lines, like "hope carried me all the way through registration" and "he was cute in a grown up sort of way" really show us her state of mind. "His eyes skittered away" - skittered is a great word! I can see his eyes doing this. I like the viewpoint this is told from; she's telling someone now, and it's too late. Very natural sounding, reads easily. I think it's great for teens.
This is a very good example of what teens sometimes face. The "whether to tell or not to tell" is always troublesome. Maybe this will help some who need advice.