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I had to read with a title like that, and it was worth it. Active writing made it easy to picture. Line breaks would have made for easier read but the visuals are still with me. Great work!
A very moving tale and I was with the narrator through every word. It definitely kept my attention. Nicely done
Good story! I was really able to picture everything! It was very descriptive and kept my attention! Some things in the beginning were unclear to me - what was the narrator concentrating on before the narrator picked up the Bible? And instead of the word "sharp" you may want the narrator to bang his knee on something hard, unless he gashed his knee. Your description of Jesus' face and compassion was awesome, as was the way you described Him with the cross. I felt Jesus' love and I loved how you had the narrator tell Jesus "I'm sorry." Great touch! Good Job!
I have to agreee with everyone, this is indeed a story that will stay "alive" in one's mind for awhile to come.
Good job!!
Definately good work! A really good story, though I agreed that the first few lines confused me. I love how you bring Scipture "alive." :)
Hey Shannon!
Great story!
I love the part about the "earth regurgitating" (did I spell that write?) You used lots of good descriptions to describe the scene and the action. Thumbs up! :) Now if I can just remember that "it's alive" as I try to read the daily assignment! :)