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Name: Dee Kyalo 
Website: www.deeredeemed.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 66

 About Self
Dee Kyalo is the author of Crushing Invisible Barriers . She is a wife and mother, and has been serving in the leadership at All Nations Breakthrough Church, Kansas since 2003.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
11/11/14 Touchy 38 Not For Sale
11/03/14 Experiencing Grace 93 Not For Sale
10/27/14 For How Long? 58 Not For Sale
10/25/14 Captives Set Free 47 Not For Sale
10/21/14 Remain Planted 61 Not For Sale
10/20/14 Pharaoh, Let My People Go! 49 Not For Sale
10/19/14 Godís Word Will Not Return Empty 56 Not For Sale
10/18/14 Knowledge Without Understanding 55 Not For Sale
10/16/14 What A Friend I Have In Jesus 56 Not For Sale
10/11/14 Don't Lose Your Song 73 Not For Sale
10/10/14 A Place Called There 71 Not For Sale
10/09/14 I Cannot Despair 82 Not For Sale
10/08/14 Don't Judge Me 70 Not For Sale
10/07/14 Spiritual Amnesia 81 Not For Sale
10/06/14 How Do You See It? 65 Not For Sale
10/05/14 Is There A Shaking? 53 Not For Sale
10/04/14 Hindrances To Prayer 69 Free to Share
10/03/14 You Donít Have To Take It! 91 Not For Sale
10/01/14 Positioning For Guidance 65 Not For Sale
10/01/14 No More Running 90 Not For Sale
10/01/14 Have Hope and Expect to Obtain 58 Not For Sale
03/19/14 My Son Won't Go To Church 144 Not For Sale
02/05/14 Writer, Put Your Talent To Work 196 Not For Sale
01/23/14 Baby, You Do Smell Sweet 239 Not For Sale
01/21/14 Continuous Life 144 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
12/09/14 Facing the Test of Forgiveness
11/28/14 The Box
11/26/14 Held Captive on the Dotted Line
11/16/14 Two Tickets to the Pearl of Africa (Rwenzori Adventure)
11/09/14 Two Tickets to the Pearl of Africa
11/03/14 The Fashionable Message of the Cross
10/25/14 Double Catastrophe
10/20/14 Mission: Zemyata
10/11/14 Your Future Father-in-law Asked For What?
10/03/14 My Love Story
09/16/14 Caught in the Act
09/10/14 The Pet Pact
09/03/14 Mother's Special China
08/20/14 Being Me
08/13/14 Victor and Victory
08/06/14 Attuned to His Voice
07/29/14 What's Your Taste?
07/21/14 Written in Blood
07/16/14 Wavering Between Day and Night
06/10/14 Bouncebackability: Gift or Choice?
05/28/14 My Bestie Is The Bestest!
05/21/14 Flee All Appearance of Evil
05/13/14 Sniper-chat
05/08/14 Let There Be
04/25/14 Unplugging To Get Plugged
04/24/14 The Poison Of Too Much
04/11/14 Searching For Answers
04/08/14 Slow Down
03/10/14 Too Far Down The Slippery Slope
03/04/14 The Last Days
02/21/14 Why
02/15/14 Overwhelmed - (Based on true events)
02/10/14 The Beginning of The Rest of The Street
02/04/14 Traditions of Men
01/23/14 Despite A Dark Night
01/17/14 Winning The Waistline War
01/15/14 Continuous Life
12/10/13 Like Nothing Happened
12/03/13 By Their Fruit You Will Recognize Them
11/20/13 Could He Be The One?
07/15/13 Faith

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
11/11/14 Touchy 11/11/14

Date Title
01/24/14 Crushing Invisible Barriers: Onset of a Glorious Marital Destiny

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
10/14/2014 The Lost Son
10/13/2014 Reconstruction
10/05/2014 Writing Challenge Eye Witness Account
10/04/2014 Critiques For Growth
10/04/2014 Publishing Change - God's Will
10/04/2014 Will Review For Free Read