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Name: Stephanie White 
Website: www.heavenonearthforme.com
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Articles written: 37

 About Self
I have always loved reading and even tried my hand at writing mysteries when I was in elementary school, but not until recently, did I decide to take writing seriously. I started teaching various Bible studies at my parents' (Pastor Steve and Diane Zawilinsky) church about 10 years ago. While teaching, someone once told me I should put my studies together and write a book. I continued teaching Bible studies and the Adult Sunday School at Upper Room Ministries and I kept the idea of writing a book in the back of my mind. One day God led me to begin my first book. I started Heaven on Earth but I was not entirely committed to finishing it; the manuscript was partially written for almost a year. My family was very influential and supportive during the writing process. My uncle edited my first book and encouraged me to keep writing. My second book, Faith is Worth Fighting For, was much less daunting. I wrote it in six months and I was very excited about writing more. The Two of Me and Off-Season are my latest releases and I have many ideas for future writings. So far, each book is a study of God's Word on certain topics. I love to study the Word of God and I love to share what I learn. I am very interested in the Hebraic roots and studying the Word in the Hebrew language. When we look at the original translation we learn so much more and it answers so many questions that seem to confuse people. God's Word is our life and we need to understand it; we need to study the Word and share it with others. I have a website, www.heavenonearthforme.com, dedicated to enjoying life through the Word of God. There are Bible studies that are changed monthly, a page of God's promises for many areas of life, a page of recipes, ideas for every-day life, dating ideas, and much more! I look forward to writing many more books that dig deep into God's Word, but I may also try my hand at a mystery again - you never know!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/25/15 Quiet, Please 35 Free to Share
08/24/15 All The Same 40 Free to Share
08/24/15 Harvest Rest 36 Free to Share
08/24/15 Mirror, Mirror 34 Free to Share
10/22/14 A Tale of Two Hearts 139 Free to Share
10/22/14 No Argument Here 159 Free to Share
10/22/14 Enough is Enough 123 Free to Share
10/21/14 How To Do 131 Free to Share
10/21/14 The Sin Problem 129 Free to Share
10/21/14 Selfless Faith 195 Free to Share
05/14/14 Our Defender 168 Free to Share
11/12/13 Judgment? 207 Not For Sale
09/18/13 Laziness With the Word 434 Not For Sale
09/18/13 Led to Christ 256 Not For Sale
09/16/13 Faith and Patience 279 Not For Sale
09/16/13 Attention Turned 394 Not For Sale
09/12/13 Frustration Has a Purpose 541 Free to Share
09/12/13 Cleansing 241 Free to Share
09/12/13 A Round Lost Can Be a Round Gained 250 Not For Sale
09/12/13 Camp Out 218 Not For Sale
09/12/13 Help My Unbelief 247 Not For Sale
09/12/13 In Faith, In Pain 207 Not For Sale
09/12/13 The Seed of Faith 235 Not For Sale
09/10/13 God's Requirements 237 Not For Sale
09/10/13 The Greatness of the Word 204 Not For Sale
09/10/13 Victim of Grief 246 Free to Share
09/10/13 Pressing Past Grief 232 Not For Sale
09/10/13 Comfort For Those Who Mourn 320 Not For Sale
09/10/13 Heal Me, O Lord 225 Not For Sale
09/10/13 Pondering Death 277 Not For Sale
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