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Name: Steve Sterling 
Website: www.prophecyecourse.com
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Steve Sterling is a prophecy researcher who has been studying end-time Bible prophecy for over 26 years
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08/03/12 7 Steps to Becoming an End-Time Prophecy Expert in 48 Hours
08/02/12 End-Time Prophecy E-Course
07/30/12 How to Crack the 70-Week Prophecy Code in Daniel 9
07/30/12 The Seven Trumpets
07/30/12 The Seven Seals

Free Reprint Articles
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09/04/2012 End of the World Countdown: Identifying the Man of Sin from the Pages of History
12/07/2011 Countdown to the End of the World: What did Jesus Prophesy on His Way to Golgotha?
12/06/2011 Bible Study on Revelation 12: The Final Conflict Between Dragon and the Woman
12/05/2011 Countdown to the End of the World: The Day of the Lord Hasteneth Greatly
12/04/2011 Why a Prophecy Course Is Most Important at This Point in Earth's History?
12/03/2011 End of the World Countdown: The Great 'Falling Away' Before Second Coming
12/02/2011 A Statement of Prophecy That Was Not Intended To Be a Prophecy
12/01/2011 The Sameness Between the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' and the 'Everlasting Gospel' of Revelation 14
11/30/2011 What does it mean to be sealed in the time of the end?
11/29/2011 Countdown to the end of the world: Examining Jesus' prophetic parable of Matthew 22
11/28/2011 Bible Study on Revelation 5: Why Was the Lamb Considered Worthy to Open the Book?
11/27/2011 Countdown to the End of the World and Beyond: Will There Be Life on Earth During the 1000 Years
11/26/2011 Countdown to the End of the World: The End-Time Mission of the False Prophets Exposed
11/25/2011 Bible Study on Revelation 7: The Sealing of Israel in the Time of the End
11/24/2011 End of the World Countdown: The End-Time Showdown Between Michael and the King of the North
11/23/2011 Bible Study on Daniel 9- The Truth About the 70-Week Prophecy
11/22/2011 Does End-time Bible Prophecy Teach Us Anything About a 7-year Antichrist Reign?
11/21/2011 The Three-fold Message of Revelation 14: God's End-time Mission to Restore True Worship
11/20/2011 End-Time Bible Prophecy is Not Just About a Coming Tribulation - It's Also About Restoration
11/19/2011 The Most Obvious Principle in End-Time Prophecy Study that Almost Everybody Is Ignoring
11/18/2011 The Antichrist Prophecy of Daniel 11: Investigating the Antichrist's Enmity Against the Holy Covenant
11/17/2011 End- time Prophecy Crash Course on Malachi 4
11/16/2011 The Prophetic Timeline of Daniel and Revelation: Examining the 1260-day Antichrist Reign
11/15/2011 End of the World Countdown: When God Shakes the Earth
11/14/2011 Countdown to the End of the World: Preparing for the Great Gospel Famine
11/13/2011 Countdown to the end of the world: the Probation of Earth's Inhabitants is about to be Closed
11/12/2011 Bible Study on Revelation 13: Is it Really True that the Mark of the Beast will be Forced on You?
11/11/2011 End of the World Countdown: Putting the Rapture Doctrine Under Apostolic Scrutiny
11/10/2011 Will the Rapture be an Escape Route from the Time of Trouble?
11/06/2011 End Time Prophecy Course: How Crucial is it to Your Eternal Salvation