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Name: Gregory John Monroe
Website: www.mychristianmind.com
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Christian, self-proclaimed evangelist and published author of the controversial book The Three Angels' Message: God's End-Time Warning, in which Sunday as the Lord's Day is historically and scripturally refuted.
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08/07/11 Jesus' Two Natures Explained 663 Free to Share
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04/10/2016 Does Salvation Require Baptism?
03/27/2016 Communion: Open or Closed?
03/13/2016 Secret Societies Are Dark
02/14/2016 Are Near-Death Experiences Real?
01/24/2016 Jonah and the Fish
01/17/2016 Why Command Marriage Between Rapist and Victim?
01/11/2016 Father God
01/02/2016 Interracial Marriage: The Bible View
01/02/2016 Our Heavenly Bodies
12/07/2015 Sleepers in Jesus "Ascend" to Heaven
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07/19/2015 Murder-Suicide by the Devil
07/05/2015 What is Mankind, That God Would Remember Us?
06/28/2015 Sons of God Mating the Daughters of Men
06/21/2015 The Wrath of God
06/14/2015 Quick Proof of Bible Truth
05/24/2015 The Christian Response to Being Wronged
05/17/2015 My Christianity Dealing With Politics
05/11/2015 Unmarried "Christians" Living Together
05/03/2015 Wisdom and Foolishness
04/26/2015 The Prosperity Gospel
04/20/2015 The Sacrifice
04/13/2015 7 is Significant to God
04/05/2015 The Bible's Untruths Are True
03/29/2015 The Bible's Alcohol Exception
03/08/2015 The Bible Lady
03/01/2015 The Berean Effect
02/22/2015 Take Up Your Cross
02/08/2015 Stop Running Over Jesus
02/01/2015 Newness of the Spirit Doesn't Excuse Breaking the Letter of the Law
01/18/2015 Sin Had to Happen? It Seems So
01/11/2015 Sin is Full of Itself
01/04/2015 Seeker, Good Works Won't Get You to Heaven
12/27/2014 Seeker, Don't Look at the Churchgoer, Look at Jesus
12/21/2014 Seeker: God is Near and Waiting
12/14/2014 Seeing the Blessing
12/07/2014 Saved Without Knowing About Jesus
11/30/2014 The Devil Was Thrown Out Twice
11/23/2014 Satan is Both Powerful and Powerless
11/16/2014 Sanctification: Subjectively and Objectively
11/09/2014 Reasons to be Joyful in Trials and Tribulations
10/26/2014 Purification
10/19/2014 Preachers Enjoying Style Over Substance
10/05/2014 Pray For or Against Our Enemies?
09/28/2014 Practicing Righteousness by Faith
09/21/2014 Perfection
09/14/2014 Overcome Temptation in 3 Steps
09/07/2014 Ministries Appealing to Selfishness
09/07/2014 Love Yourself As Your Neighbor Meaning
08/10/2014 Love and Obedience
08/10/2014 Judging the Saints
07/21/2014 Jesus, the Divider
07/21/2014 Jesus' Human Nature: Fallen or Unfallen?
07/13/2014 Intercessory Prayer: 3 Characteristics
06/22/2014 Intended Words of Comfort That Aid the Enemy
06/08/2014 In Jesus
06/01/2014 I Am is at the Day and Hour
05/25/2014 How to Minimize the Pain of Disappointment
05/18/2014 How Baptism Relates to Salvation
05/11/2014 Already Through Heaven's Gate
05/04/2014 Under Grace Helps One Keep the Law
04/06/2014 God's Will
03/24/2014 God's View of His Name
03/16/2014 God's Righteousness is Our Purpose
02/23/2014 God's Promises are Knowledge in the Lord
02/16/2014 God vs. Spouse
01/25/2014 God's kindness
01/19/2014 Glenn Beck Is Not A Christian
01/12/2014 Freedom in Jesus
01/05/2014 Speaking in Tongues
12/30/2013 Fasting
12/08/2013 Extend a Hand to Israel for the Right Reason
12/01/2013 Eternal Salvation is Conditional
11/24/2013 Don't Sin to Save Others
11/17/2013 Jesus Prayed Selfishly
11/10/2013 Easy Sex
11/04/2013 Effective Prayer
10/27/2013 Does God Hear Everyone's Prayers?
10/14/2013 Does God Cause Generations of Family Sin?
09/01/2013 Does the Will of God Need Prayer?
07/28/2013 Spiritual Formation
06/30/2013 Do Children Die at 100 yrs. on the New Earth?
06/02/2013 The Two Witnesses Identified
05/12/2013 How to Stay in Touch With God During the Workday
04/07/2013 Consecrated
04/07/2013 Who Are the 144,000?
03/19/2013 Claiming Sin's Absence is Deceiving
03/17/2013 Childlike Faith
03/07/2013 Called For What Purpose?
03/07/2013 Armageddon
01/27/2013 Are We Gods?
01/07/2013 All Things Under Our Feet
12/30/2012 3 Good Reasons For Re-Baptism
12/23/2012 "By His Stripes We Are Healed" is Commonly Misused
12/16/2012 Astrology is not a Christian's Heavenly Guide
10/21/2012 A Concert From the Throne
08/07/2012 The Millennium: Earth's Wasteland
07/17/2012 God's Wrath
07/05/2012 Secret Rapture Should be Left Behind
06/04/2012 Seven Years Tribulation is Unbiblical
05/25/2012 God Kills. Is it Right?
03/26/2012 Why Are Christians Afraid of Being Judgmental?
09/27/2011 Dead-On Truth About Death
09/05/2011 Soul - What Is It?
08/07/2011 Jesus' Two Natures Explained
07/24/2011 Jesus' 3 Days and Nights in the Grave Doesn't Add Up
07/17/2011 "Exposed: Christian Preachers Teaching the Breaking of God's Law"
07/07/2011 Is Sunday Really The Lord's Day?