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Name: Greg Baker
Website: www.fitlyspoken.org
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Greg S. Baker is a pastor, professional counselor, author, happy husband, and proud father of four boys. He lives in Colorado. He has a passion for helping people develop healthy relationships. He believes that life is relationships. Thus, if your relationships are hurting, so are you.

He has authored several books. One, Fitly Spoken, a book on developing effective communication and social skills from a Biblical perspective has been published by Brighton Publishers and is available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Please contact me through my website regarding any writing projects, editing, or my books.

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02/03/10 The Great Tribulation or the Day of the Lord 567 Not For Sale
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01/24/2011 How To Heal From The Pain Of An Extramarital Affair
01/20/2011 The Dangers of the Moral Relativism Concept
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12/06/2010 Three Essential Leadership Qualities
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11/30/2010 The Difference Between Preaching And Teaching
11/30/2010 Societal Contributions to Dysfunctional Marriages
11/27/2010 Understanding what Spirit Filled Means
11/27/2010 Death of a Christmas Tree
11/27/2010 What Is The Meaning of Life?
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11/27/2010 Dealing With Christmas Stress
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06/10/2010 How to Help Someone With a Broken Heart
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06/10/2010 How to Prevent a Broken Heart
06/10/2010 The Process of Healing a Broken Heart
06/10/2010 What to Do When Communication Fails
05/15/2010 The Ten Christian Principles Of A Successful Marriage
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05/10/2010 How Do I Get People to Listen to Me?
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05/10/2010 Finding Time Alone When You Have Children
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05/10/2010 You Want Your Marriage To Stay Alive? Talk.
05/10/2010 Rekindling the Flame in Your Marriage
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05/05/2010 Building the Right Budget
05/05/2010 A Mature Marriage is Commitment - Not a Contract
05/05/2010 Avoiding the Wrong Impression With Your Words
05/04/2010 Your Words Define You More Than Your Actions
05/04/2010 How to Know When Your Fear Becomes Paranoia
04/28/2010 Everyone's Greatest Fear - And I Mean Everyone's
04/28/2010 Overcoming Your Hypocrisy With Your Children
04/28/2010 How to Let Your Teenager Disagree With You
04/28/2010 The Three Stages of Parenting That Every Parent Needs to Know
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04/28/2010 The Dangers of Following Your Own Heart
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04/23/2010 How Long Should You Wait Before Getting Married?
04/23/2010 What Does Marriage Give You That You Can't Otherwise Get?
04/23/2010 Getting Life's Priorities Right
04/22/2010 How to Get Close and Stay Close
04/22/2010 How to Build Trust
04/22/2010 God's Truly Simple Plan of Salvation
04/22/2010 Is Anger Always Wrong?
04/22/2010 What is Love Really?
04/21/2010 Expressing Yourself Using the Question Tree Technique
04/21/2010 Dealing With Unrealistic Expectations In Marriage
04/21/2010 The Nature of a Misunderstanding
04/21/2010 Stress and Sensory Overload
04/21/2010 How To Express Your Emotions To Others
04/21/2010 A Biblical Method Of Handling Stress
04/19/2010 The Importance of Presenting a United Front Before Your Children
04/19/2010 How To Make Friends and Keep Them
04/15/2010 Seven Things Every Married Couple Needs To Learn To Say
04/15/2010 Influencing the Behavior of Your Children - Understanding Behaviorial Patterns
04/15/2010 What To Look For In A Christian Relationship
04/15/2010 The Wounds of a Friend
04/15/2010 The Key To Overcoming Bad Habits Or Bad Character
04/14/2010 What To Do If Your Husband Is Immature
04/14/2010 What Is The Difference Between Love, Lust, Infatuation, And A Crush?
04/14/2010 Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
04/14/2010 Two Keys To Success
04/12/2010 Getting Your Children To Listen To You
04/12/2010 Fighting Rebellion In Your Children
04/12/2010 Establishing Rules For Your Children
04/12/2010 Why Every Married Couple Ought To Date
04/12/2010 How To Break Free From A Dead End Life
04/09/2010 Fixing a Broken Friendship
04/09/2010 What Is a Real Friend?
04/09/2010 Is It Possible Not To Judge People?
04/09/2010 Thoughts On Understanding The Opposite Sex
04/09/2010 Hints on Understanding The Opposite Sex
04/09/2010 Tips To Understand the Opposite Sex Better
04/03/2010 Explaining the Trinity
04/02/2010 Handling Criticism
04/02/2010 What Does It Mean To Control Your Anger?
04/02/2010 How to Deal With Someone Else's Anger
03/31/2010 The Selfish Martyr
03/31/2010 Depression - A Societal Evolution
03/31/2010 The Relationship Between Fear And Anger
03/30/2010 The Pursuit of Happiness
03/30/2010 The Importance of Truth in Marriage
03/30/2010 The Vital Need For Communication In Relationships
03/30/2010 Understanding the Rage of Jealousy
03/26/2010 Problem Solving Methods For Relationships
03/26/2010 Methods and Techniques To Express Yourself
03/26/2010 Can You Forgive And Then Forget?
03/26/2010 Understanding and Teaching Truth
03/26/2010 How To Become More Intelligent
03/24/2010 Do You Have What It Takes To Have A Happy Marriage?
03/23/2010 Understanding How a Family Functions
03/23/2010 How To Bury A Bad Past
03/23/2010 How To Build Good Character
03/23/2010 Changing Bad Behavior
03/23/2010 You Need Preventive Maintenance In Your Marriage
03/13/2010 The Secret To A Wife's Happiness
03/12/2010 What's The Point Of Prayer If We Ask God To Do What He Wants Anyway?
03/11/2010 Why Does God Ask The Wife To Submit To Her Husband?
03/10/2010 The Right Christian Philosophy Of Marriage
03/10/2010 The Dangers of Sex Before and Outside of Marriage
03/09/2010 Dealing With Mental Barriers In Prayer
03/09/2010 God's View Of Money
03/09/2010 Communicating With Your Child
03/09/2010 How To Get Something Out Of Your Bible Every Time You Read It
03/01/2010 The Difference Between The Pressures Of Life And The Stresses Of Life
03/01/2010 The Most Dangerous Sin
02/11/2010 Immature Marriage Attitudes
02/08/2010 How a Budget Can Help Save Your Marriage
02/03/2010 Why You Don't Want A God You Can Completely Understand
02/03/2010 The Eternal Nature of God
02/03/2010 Problems with the Prevailing Views of the Book of Revelation
02/02/2010 Why do I Get So Angry?
02/01/2010 How to Prove the Existence of God
02/01/2010 The Most Important Communication and Social Skill Ever
02/01/2010 What Exactly Is Grace?
02/01/2010 Growing Your Capacity to Love
02/01/2010 Ten Sins of the Christian Husband or of Any Husband