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Name: Pauline Brakebill 
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Articles written: 41

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I am a 77 year old mother of 6 and grandma of 22 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I have been married to my husband for 56 years. I started writing about 15 years ago and have written several books, poetry, plays, children;'s books and so on. I have tried several publishing co. but they all want too much money. I hope some one will read my works and like them. We lived in the beautiful Ozark country of Northern Arkansas until recently. We moved to Lytle Creek, CA with one of our daughters. The mtns. here are as enchanting as the Ozarks. I appreciate the comments on any of my work from the other FaithWriters. I am trying my hand at the Challenge stories now. I have really enjoyed the fast pace of the contest and gaining the ability to think quickly on my feet. I have written 4 pamphlets that are for sale at 2.00 each: If I should die tonight.... I forgive you (But I won't forget) The Ex (Christian) Files My Testimony The personality of God For sale also are several of my books: He Came to Stay - 3.00 (ebook) hard copy - 10.00 THe Adventures of Polly Penning -a children's book - 5.00 hard copy TICK TALES story of Terry Tick - 5.00 hard copy; 2.00 (ebook) NEW BOOKLETS WRITTEN THIS YEAR IF I WERE TO DIE TONIGHT.... THE EX CHRISTIAN FILES I Forgive you ..(But I won't forget) THE PERSONALITY OF GOD These 4 pamphlets were written to aid the new Christian in his daily walk. They are free as ebooks - or as hard copy - $5.00. IN the process are two more childrenn's books,a novel about a young gang member and his salvation. It is on a teen age level.I currently have a blog site under Tumblr.com. My most recent blog is called "Space". You can reach it by going to www.grandmapolly.tumblr.com. I have several single sheet blogs and short stories in the process. I am thrilled to have a part in the Testimony book, "Trials and Triumphs". I Pray that it will have GOD's Triumph for many.
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Critique Circle Postings
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