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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/06/12 Be Careful what you Eat!
08/28/12 Revenge can be Bitter to the Taste
08/20/12 A Bell is Not a Bell Till you Ring it..
08/12/12 Not an Ordinary Banquet
08/05/12 Sheila and Dieting
07/29/12 A Pie Contest to Die for
07/25/12 Potluck and Mother Dearest
07/15/12 Kitchen, Food and Faith
07/11/12 Not an Ordinary Picnic
06/11/12 The Pain in Mary's Heart
06/07/12 What was said in Secret
06/07/12 What was said in Secret
05/21/12 Jennifer's Strange Risk
05/16/12 Timing is Everything
05/09/12 Brenda's Awakening
04/22/12 What Linda Saw
04/11/12 Toni'a Disappointing Holiday Plans
03/13/12 Joyce's Achievement with Alzheimer's
03/07/12 Jane's Perilous Predicament
01/18/12 Jill's Enlightenment
12/08/11 Melinda's Find
11/24/11 Jen's Strange Download
11/08/11 Jennifer's Secret
11/02/11 Jennifer's Blog
10/14/09 Jenny and Her Favorite Color
10/07/09 Of All the Colors...
09/02/09 Fall Came a Knocking...
08/05/09 It's Not Easy Being Green
07/22/09 Terrie's Struggle
07/14/09 A Gentle Nudge
07/07/09 Not Now; It's Too Early!
06/03/09 Julia's Pills
04/29/09 Maturing: The Hard and Soft of It
04/22/09 Jenny's Life
04/16/09 Ask, Seek and Knock
04/08/09 Sometimes There's God So Quickly..
03/17/09 You Have Not Because You Ask Not
03/11/09 Africa and a Bible Lesson
03/04/09 Widening Faith
02/25/09 Mysterious Encounter
02/04/09 Canada, Jeff and a Surprise Visit
01/28/09 In the Midst of Life, There is Death
01/20/09 Julia and Jeremy's Australian Adventure
01/13/09 Comrade Chalmers
12/08/08 All Dogs Come From Heaven
12/01/08 The Christmas Visit
11/25/08 Elizabeth's Dilemma
11/19/08 Selfish Ellen
11/11/08 Most Unusual Christmas Card
11/03/08 Elizabeth, Dad and The Christmas Tree
10/27/08 Wonderful Mr. Mason
10/22/08 An Unexpected Christmas Visitor
10/14/08 Jenny's Christmas Prayer
10/06/08 Jenny's Christmas Awakening
09/16/08 Jessica's Plan
09/09/08 In a Split Second....
09/02/08 Secrets and Allie
08/25/08 Prudance and Patience
08/19/08 Clark's Charade
08/12/08 Odd Jeff
08/03/08 Maria's Hurdle
07/29/08 The Rope
07/20/08 Tonia, Pick Up!
07/12/08 Memory Is A Tricky Thing!
06/11/08 In The Eye of the Beholder
06/02/08 The Children's Home
05/26/08 Amy and I
05/19/08 A Heavenly Creature!
05/14/08 Why Is My Mother-in-Law So Mean?
05/05/08 Sisters and Choices
04/22/08 Tina and Relatives
04/16/08 A Different Kind of Father
04/05/08 Grandma and Memories of Little Mae
03/11/08 Ray's Approaching Deadline
03/04/08 Ray's Unexpected Visitor
02/24/08 Amy's Carless Ways
02/17/08 Julia's Tiny Problem...
02/12/08 Raven's Predicament
02/04/08 Elizabeth and Jeremy
01/15/08 Who to Choose?
01/05/08 A Timely and Much Needed Event!
12/10/07 The Church's One Foundation..
12/05/07 Homeless But Not Without Hope!
11/27/07 Christie's Special Gift
11/20/07 What to Write?
11/13/07 Jean, Life Cycle and Encouragment
09/03/07 No More Turning The Other Cheek!
08/27/07 Tonia's Unexpected Fear
08/17/07 Poor Confused Connie!
08/05/07 Angry Angela
07/29/07 Sarah's Sad State
07/24/07 Her Embarassing Smile
07/16/07 Julia Finally Finds Happiness
06/06/07 The McGreedy Family
05/02/07 Marjorie and Fear
04/14/07 Stand Back, It's My Turn...
04/06/07 My Mystery Became Real!
03/13/07 Tonia and Music
03/05/07 Shopping for Eternity
02/27/07 Sewing, Friendship and Loss
09/12/06 Julie's Garden
09/04/06 Ben's Crossing
08/29/06 Susan's Triumphant Melody
08/20/06 Ray and His Three Crosses
08/12/06 Terri's Valley
08/04/06 Elizabeth's Extraordinary Vision
07/30/06 Precarious and Fateful Work
07/22/06 Tonia and Her Walk Through Darkness
07/15/06 Jerry's Sad Awakening
07/09/06 A Great gift for Sheila
06/17/06 Annette's Miracle
06/12/06 Trudy, Happy at Last!
06/05/06 Corrine, The Mountains and Peace
05/28/06 Blair Found Purpose!
05/23/06 Helen's Gift of Joy
05/14/06 Prosperity With a Twist
05/06/06 Cheryl and Lost Hope
04/29/06 No Love Lost, For Phyllis
04/22/06 Elizabeth's Dilemma
04/10/06 Janice and Her Fulfilling....
03/08/06 Stephanie's Special Lock
03/03/06 Enter, Maria!
02/22/06 Janine's Special Package
02/16/06 Goodbye, Dear Emily
02/08/06 The Break Janice Craved!
02/04/06 Losing Control
01/26/06 Room Enough for Two?
01/22/06 Once Again, Another Start!
01/12/06 Home, Sweet Home....
01/03/06 The Secret Escape
12/07/05 Tiny, Little Life Form
12/01/05 A Smidgen of Hope
11/25/05 Tending the Vines
11/16/05 Winter Love--A Happy Ending?
11/13/05 Beauty, It's Everywhere!
11/06/05 Christ Has a Song For You!
10/29/05 Fragrance of Murder
10/21/05 Please Lord, Let It Rain!
10/16/05 Strange But Fruitful Ending
10/08/05 No Longer a Wallflower
09/15/05 Hologram Hotel
09/08/05 A Strange Twist to Bon Voyage
08/30/05 Disturbing Postcards From Linda
08/17/05 No one Has To End Up Like Jacob Morley!
08/10/05 Mindful Sightseeing
08/05/05 Army Training Camp Turned Into a Great Retreat!
07/22/05 Road Trip to Austria

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
01/10/08 What to do with Risk?
01/02/08 Homeless and Forgiveness
12/22/07 Time Machines: Fiction or Soon-to-be, Reality?
12/20/07 Marjorie and Fear
12/19/07 Dorian Gray, Alive and Well!

Date Title
12/30/11 The McGreedy Book
12/30/11 Collection of Short Stories
11/14/11 The Final Days of Maria Campbell

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
07/28/2007 The Many Faces of Loneliness
07/25/2007 C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters: Revisited
07/24/2007 Modern Day Dorian Gray