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Ghost Car Pt 3 The Contract Signed in Blood
by Caroline Alderson
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David had been playing his guitar when he felt this feeling he couldn't explain… in the pit of his stomach. He felt drawn to go to Ghost Car. Laying his guitar on his bed, he walked down stairs out the door to the garage.

Walking up to Ghost Car, he didn't know what to expect. David touched the car door handle. The car door swung open, seeming to call him to get in. Sliding in behind the steering wheel, the computer buzzed on, revealing on the monitor a scene of Melissa similar to the one David had seen before. She was playing Dark Moon again. David got the feeling that she was playing the game at that very moment. She again saw herself sitting in a room encircled by nice clothes. There seemed to be more clothes than before. Dark Moon, a computer program told her, that in order for her to receive her clothes, she had to sign a contract; saying that she would be faithful to Dark Moon, and never have anything to do with Ghost Car. Melissa agreed. She didn't even know what a Ghost Car was anyway. So, why not sign?

Melissa had to sign the contract in her own blood. Not liking that too much, she still agreed. Todd reached for a needle, and then pricked her finger. Melissa placed the pen in the blood, and was about to sign her name on the contract. David saw her doing this on the monitor. Surprised that she would do such a thing, he hollered out, "NO!!" He didn't even realize he had spoke, let alone hollered. It seemed like for a minute Melissa heard him, because, she hesitated and looked around like she heard something. But, alas, she signed Dark Moon's contract.

David couldn't believe it! `How could she do such a thing', he thought. `How could she become so involved in that game?' Another thing he saw, that sent chills up and down his spine, he saw a dark cloud seem to descend upon Melissa when she signed Dark Moon's contract. `That's odd,' he thought. `What is that?' It appeared to settle upon her, like the dark cloud was taking up residency with her. `What is this about not having anything to do with Ghost Car?' Ghost was in capital letters. `Now, how could some computer program possibly know anything about his ghost car?' He thought he had the only one. `Are there others? Why should some computer game be so afraid of his ghost car? What special powers does this car posses?' David was eager to find out.

Directing his question to the ghost car, David asks, "Why is Dark Moon, a computer game, afraid of you? What kind of magic do you have? Are you the only one? How do I find out?" `It is certainly a deep mystery, that will be interesting to decode,' he thought eagerly.

The next day after school, Todd came over to Melissa's house. Walking up to their front door, he rang the doorbell. David had just poured himself a glass of orange juice when he heard the doorbell. "I've got it," he yelled as he ran to the door, accidentally dribbling some of his orange juice down his glass. Opening the door, he was surprised at who was standing there. David gawked at Todd, with his mouth hanging open at who he saw standing on the porch. It's a wonder he didn't spill his juice.

"Uh, David, is Melissa around?" Todd asked.

David looked at him, a million thoughts flying through his mind at that moment. He didn't think that Todd would dare show up at his house, after what he did to his sister. But, David hadn't made his thoughts known. He wanted to let Todd know where he stood on the subject of Dark Moon, but he knew making a stand could cause a lot of trouble at school, because a lot of kids were into this game. Knowing that was his only chance, if he were to save his sister and others from that terrible Dark Moon who was deceiving everyone, he had to be careful what he said and did.

Todd was looking at David, oddly. "David, you ok? Can I come in? Is Melissa here? What's wrong with you? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Todd, look, we need to talk," David started.

"Todd, I didn't know you were here," Melissa interrupted as she ran down the stairs laughing. "David, why didn't you tell me Todd was here? Why didn't you let him in? Come on in, Todd. David hasn't been himself lately. Want something to drink?" She motioned Todd toward the kitchen.

Melissa grabbed Todd by the arm, leading him to the kitchen, leaving a bewildered David gaping at them, with his mouth hanging open. `Befuddled again,' he thought. He would have to talk to Todd some other time. He knew he would have to get him alone sometime. He wouldn't be able to talk to him with Melissa around. She'd have a fit, if he talked about her precious Dark Moon. Maybe, if he could get Todd alone, he could talk some sense into him. He didn't know if that was possible since it was Todd who talked Melissa into getting involved with Dark Moon in the first place.

Zetta, the invisible monster was watching with his six sinister eyes. "Ha! I got you, David. You nearly got to talk to Todd, didn't you? Heh, heh, heh. You’re trying to ruin everything, aren't you? But, I won't let you win. Ha, ha, ha. I have to please the boss, if I'm ever to get promoted. Not that I like my boss, I don't. I'm green with envy. Heh, heh."

“I told Melissa to go downstairs, so she would see Todd, thereby stopping you, David, from opening your big mouth. I know you can't see or hear me. Good thing for me. Melissa doesn't know I talk to her. I place my thoughts into her thoughts, to make her think they're her thoughts. Then I can deceive her into doing what I want her to do. Aren’t I clever? I'll have to pat myself on the back for being so clever. A good thing she signed Dark Moon's contract, or I wouldn't be able to get away with such evil. When she signed Dark Moon's contract, she signed her life away. Of course, Dark Moon never tells his victims that part of it. You, see, that's my boss, Dark Moon."

“Dark Moon had this man who was under his control, come up with this computer game, so he could lure innocent kids into his trap, by which he could own them. Yeah. There is only one being who can break that contract. Ghost Car. Yuck! Oooahahah. Of course, he has to have permission. They have to sign Ghost Car's contract. Then he will protect them from us. We can't touch their mind. That's no fun. No way. It happens a lot more than Dark Moon cares to admit."

Hopefully, I can keep David from finding out the truth about Dark Moon's identity. Heh, heh. He already knows some of what playing this so called game is doing to his sister, enough to upset him into doing something about it, which could hurt us, and make my boss really mad. Oui. I've got to do my best to stop him. That won't be easy, because he's got Ghost Car. Ouououawa. And, he's been listening to him." Zetta waddled off to the kitchen to check on Todd and Melissa, to see what kind of trouble he could cause.

"Man, that's a great game, Todd. I wonder how long it will be before I get my new clothes?" Melissa asked Todd.

Todd shook his head thinking, "I don't know, shouldn't be too long." Shrugging his shoulders, he said, "I wouldn't worry about it. I have a feeling you'll be pleased whenever it does happen, Melissa." Todd downed his cola.

David wondered what he could do to stop what was happening to his sister now, and worse, what was going to happen later.

That night, David went upstairs to his room, crawled into bed as usual. Nothing under the ordinary happened, at first. While he was asleep, he thought he heard a noise. He opened his eyes. `What in the world? Something is in his room! It looks so weird. It looks like a black and blue egg, with arms and legs. That's odd. The thing has six eyes, three on top, three on bottom. What a freak. Where's his nose? What is this thing? It has a mouth, that's normal, probably the only thing that is.'

Waddling up to David's bed, the creature reached out its hand and touched David's head.

David tried to yell for help, but nothing would come out of his mouth! He tried to fight it off, but it was too powerful for him! He felt like the creature was messing with his will, to make him choose evil, instead of good. His mind felt like he was under the creature’s control.

David felt himself going under. `What can I do? This thing is sucking my mind out of me, at least it feels that way!'


`Who called me? Was that audible?'

`Call Ghost Car, he will rescue you.'

“Who said that? That was inside my head. What's going on? Help! Ghost Car, help!”

No sooner had he thought that name, than he saw Ghost Car fly into the room heading straight for the creature.

The creature heard something coming toward it. Turning around, he looked to see what the danger was.

"Oh, no! Not you! Ye gads!" With that, the creature removed itself from David's room. Screaming, it fled down the stairs, and out the door.

With relief, David gazed at Ghost Car with a thankful heart. "It nearly had me! Thanks to you, I'm free! Thank-you, Ghost Car!"

David heard a soft whisper, "Get in."

David obeyed. He got into the car. Something peaceful and refreshing swept through his mind, cleansing his mind of all the yuck the creature put into it. He felt such peace coming over him.

Then, he found himself back in bed, with Ghost Car gone. `It couldn't have been a dream.' He wasn't sure. Lying back on the pillow, he pondered about what had happened. `It seemed so real. I think it really happened. I thought that thing was going to steal my mind. If it hadn't been for Ghost Car, it would have.'

`Ghost Car, he would know if it actually happened. I'vegot to go talk to him; I mean it. That's strange, why did I call Ghost Car a he? Why would I do that?'

David sneaked out of his room, so as not to wake anyone. Slipping very quietly down the stairs, and out the back door, he walked calmly to the garage. He wanted to see if he could find anything out from Ghost Car.

"Ghost Car," he whispered. Ghost Car opened its door for David. Swinging into the drivers seat, he touched the computer, causing it to come on. "Ghost Car, do you know what happened up in my room? Was it real, or did I dream it?"

Typed words appeared on the screen. *What do you think, David?*

"It really did happen?"

*Yes, David, it really happened. Dark Moon was behind it. The evil creature that attacked you, works for Dark Moon. Dark Moon uses a computer game to trick kids into following him. Using stuff that they strongly lust and desire after as bait, he traps them. He entices them, and bam, hook, line and sinker he's got them under his control. With that control, he can make them accomplish anything he wants for his evil purpose. I can't stop them alone. I have to have a kid to work with. Will you help me stop Dark Moon?*

"But, I thought Dark Moon was just a computer game? You're telling me there's a real man out there named Dark Moon, who created a computer game, and named this game after himself? What kind of a real name is Dark Moon? Sounds more like someone's nick on the net."

*Yes, that's exactly what I'm revealing to you, David. Follow your heart. Who will you choose? Will you follow Dark Moon, like your sister, or will you follow me? It's your decision, David. Who do you choose?*

"Oh, come on, I would never follow Dark Moon, never in a million years. I like you a lot, and I'll help you, but as for following you, I don't know that much about you. I mean, you’re fun and all, but follow you? I don't even know what that entails. What does following you mean?"

*It means obeying me, doing what I say, making me your boss, just as Dark Moon is Melissa's boss.*

*She signed his contract in her own blood. You'll see, David. You'll see I'm right. Then you'll have to choose between us.*

"I don't want to hear anymore. You're wrong!"

With that, David turned off the computer, and slid out of the car. He ran to the house upset with Ghost Car. Running upstairs to his room, he threw himself on the bed.

`I can't believe what that crazy Ghost Car told me about my sister. That's so dumb. How could Ghost Car believe such nonsense? Melissa just thinks she's playing a game, doesn't she?'

It just seemed inconceivable to him that Melissa would ever do such a horrible thing. He just knew that it wasn't true.

David tossed and turned the rest in the night, having strange dreams. What if it's true? What if Ghost Car told him the truth about his sister? She did sign that contract with Dark Moon saying she would be loyal to him. But, I don't think she knew the full implications of what she was doing. Although, I did sense it was very wrong to sign that contract, especially in blood. The contract also said she had to stay away from Ghost Car. She doesn't even know what a Ghost Car is. So, it wasn't a fair contract. So, I’ll bet it can be broken. It can't be legal, since she hasn't seen Ghost Car yet.'

`Wait a minute! Dark Moon knows what a Ghost Car is, so that proves it's not a legal contract. I've got to get her out of it. That's interesting that Dark Moon would fear Ghost Car. When Ghost Car came after that ugly, creepy creature, it ran screaming from the room. Why did it do that?"

And about that contract… He saw Todd take a needle and prick Melissa's finger with it, causing blood to squiggle out. Then Melissa dipped her pen in the blood, and signed her name. He still couldn't believe she'd done it. He wondered if Ghost Car really told him the truth.

`What if nothing actually happened? What if that silly see through car just made this whole thing up?'

The thought occurred to him, `Why not check out his story, and find out if it's true or not? Check his story out, David.`

`Where did that thought come from? That wasn't me. Ghost Car… He’s being sneaky again. There I go again, thinking about Ghost Car as a he. Why do I do that? It does make sense, If Dark Moon's real, and then maybe Ghost Car's real also. Hum.'

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