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by ralph jackson
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I get asked many times why I decided to become a vegetarian? There is nothing in the Christian Bible to say that we should not eat animals, although the Jews were strictly forbidden from eating certain types of creatures so my answer to the question above will become clearer as you read on.

First let me start with the human diet, which God gave at Creation (Gen 1:19).
In the perfect new world that God had just created, he gave Adam and Eve a special diet from which they could receive all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep them happy and healthy. This diet was to consist of “FRUITS; GRAINS and NUTS. If sin had not entered the world, then mankind would have lived on this diet for all eternity. Not one animal would have been killed for food.

If you believe that God is the Creator of our bodies, then He must know what is best for us to consume to keep us fit and healthy! In Gen 3:18, after sin entered the world, God added a supplement to mankind’s diet – the herb of the field. The leafy vegetable! No doubt this was due to the fact that sin had scarred the Earth and affected the value of the foods that were produced from it. God may also have given Adam and Eve these ‘ground based foods’ so they would have to work to get their food, rather than just pick fruit from a tree. Their toil was to grow their own food to survive. For next 1656 year’s, mankind lived on a diet of fruit, grains, nuts and vegetables. Consequently, life expectancy was at its best. You can see the age of the Patriarchs before the flood in Gen 5.

Animal Flesh

After the flood (Gen 9:1-5), God gave mankind another supplement to his diet. For the first time animal flesh was added. This was not the ideal food for human health, but due to the destruction of the vast vegetation around the Earth caused by the deluge, the flesh of animals was a necessity to sustain life. However, God explicitly warned that they must distinguish between the ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ animals. The unclean must never be eaten. The clean, when slaughtered must be properly drained of their blood and no fat must be eaten. All the entrails, head, brains etc. must be burned. Because of the introduction of meat to mankind’s diet, human life expectancy decreased. (Gen 11)

The animals that were permitted to be eaten were:

Cattle (Oxen, Cows etc.); Sheep and Goats; Deer.

Those classed as unclean were:

Hares; Rabbits and Pigs. Gen 7:1:1

The Pig is mentioned in Isaiah 65:15-17. Here it says that God places the Pig in the same category as the mouse as absolutely unfit for human consumption. Why? Because these animals each almost everything they scavenge for. Therefore their meat is toxic to the human body.

Although God has not removed his permission to eat meat (clean animals), if you choose to eat flesh it is not a sin nor will it prevent you from entry to heaven, however God is very interested in our well-being and has given instructions in His Word on how to keep the body clean (a clean temple) so that we can live a happy healthy life free from disease.

Today many clean animal's flesh are disease ridden. No one can be 100% sure of what they are eating when it has been prepared by a third party such as in a restaurant. Cancers and tuberculosis masses, worms, cysts etc., can all be hidden in meat and even when the meat is cooked, may not be completely destroy. Butchers know that some parts of the meat they get from the abattoir are diseased; therefore they cut it off before sale of the remainder.

Animal flesh consumption was never the best food for mankind according to the Bible but today its use appears to be doubly objectionable since disease is rapidly increasing

Vegetarians in History

Vegetarians have left their mark in history. Poets, writers and great thinkers such as ‘Shelly’; ‘Milton’; ‘Pope’: ‘Sir Tomas More’; ‘Voltaire’; ‘Rousseau’; ‘George Bernard Shaw’ and ‘Tolstoy’ – Political figures such as ‘Gandhi’ and ‘Sir Stafford Cripps’ were all vegetarians. In the religious world, ‘Buddha’ advocated vegetarianism and so did ‘John Wesley’. Danielle the prophet would not eat King Nebuchadnezzar’s meat but instead chose vegetables and pulses. (Dan Chap 1)

If you desire to keep your body in a good condition; improve your health and mental alertness and avoid much disease, especially in your advancing years when the results of a poor diet start to tell on your body and mind, resulting in increased hospital appointments and numerous chemical pills from the doctor, then start thinking about what goes into your mouth?


In Deut 14: 9-10, the clean and edible fish are those that have fins and scales. All other sea creatures are unclean, therefore unfit for human consumption. You should never eat – crabs; shellfish; crayfish; prawns; oysters; leather jackets or shark. Why? Because like the Pig and the mouse are vermin scavengers, so their meat is toxic to the human body. God placed these unclean creatures into the sea to act as ‘filters’, to keep the Oceans clean, not as human food.

Dr David Macht, a noted authority on drug and animal poisons made an intensive investigation into the poisonous properties of sea creatures. His conclusions were as follows:

“There seems to be some scientific basis for the ancient classification of edible and inedible fishes, namely those which have fins and those which have not”. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Page 40.

In other words Dr Macht agreed with the classification of sea creatures given by God to Moses in the book of Deuteronomy,

(Scientists, may eventually catch up to God – if He does not return to this Earth for another 10,000 years?)

Even clean fish today are found to be full of tumors, goiters, worms and cancer.


In Deut 14:11-20. The household fowl (Chicken and Turkey) are permissible but Birds of Prey are not to be eaten. The latter are flesh eaters which doubles or even triple’s the toxicity of their body flesh.

Today, because of the way chickens and turkey’s are bred and fed for mass consumption, they are the most disease ridden of all flesh.

Dr E Jungherer in the Pacific Grove Press says:

“Over 60% of adult mortality among fowls may be ascribed to paralysis (cancerous disease)”. Cancer is common in poultry as is Salmonella.


God did not give his healthy eating plan just for the Jews. He gave it to our first parents – Adam and Eve – who were not Jewish. Therefore He gave it to all mankind. His original plan was a vegetarian diet but later due to the lack of vegetation after the flood, He permitted the eating of meat from clean animals. Because of this new diet, human lifespan decreased. It is a proven fact that vegetarians do, in general, live longer than those who eat meat, therefore if you want to increase your life span and have much fewer or even no hospital appointments, then change your diet. Over the past 40 years the number who have contracted Cancer and died, has greatly increased. Hospitals are bursting at the seams with sick people. By returning to God’s diet for mankind you can postpone your funeral. It’s not a bad idea to rethink what goes into your stomach. Of course it is your choice. You can either believe God wants a healthy you or you can continue self-destructing? I hope and pray you will follow a healthy path and live long.

Whichever road you choose God will always love you.

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