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The Disappearance of a Christ-like Christmas: A Major Attack against Christendom
by Carl Parnell 
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The celebration of Christmas has a special place in the heart of all Christians. It is ceremonial and festive in nature. It is ceremonial in that it reminds Christians that God’s only begotten son Jesus was sent to the earth for the purpose of providing salvation to lost mankind. As stated in Matthew 1:21, “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name JESUS: for He shall save His people from their sins.” It is festive in that many Christians celebrate Jesus’ birthday during the month of December with church fellowships and Christmas pageants for the purpose of bringing to the remembrance of Christians the excitement that surrounded His miraculous and joyful birth in Bethlehem two thousand years ago. Of course, it culminates on December 25, which is Jesus’ symbolic birthday. At least, this is how Christians celebrate Christmas.

However, in postmodern America, many anti-Christian groups have joined together to eliminate the true, spiritual meaning of the Christmas holiday season. To these groups, Christmas is secular and festive in nature. It is secular in that it reminds all Americans that Santa Claus is on his way from his home and toy shop at the North Pole for the purpose of providing toys and goodies for children who believe that he does exist. It is festive in that non-Christians spend most of their time during the Christmas season eating, drinking, and being merry for the purpose of forgetting their winter blues associated with the cold weather and the drudgery of working, that is, if they have a job during the current recession.

Therefore, despite the two major approaches to celebrating Christmas, the ultimate goal of non-Christians in America is to completely eliminate the true, spiritual meaning of Christmas from the public arena of society, which is a major satanic attack against Christendom. If Jesus Christ’s birth can be discredited, then maybe the Spirit of Christ would finally be replaced with an anti-Christ spirit, which would heighten Christian persecution in the United States. Of course, there are a myriad of examples that prove that an anti-Christ spirit has already become dominant in America during the Christmas holiday season.

First, Christmas shopping has become an insane shopping spree. In earlier decades, people were friendly to other shoppers, since Christmas should be a time of peace on earth and goodwill to all men. But, during the postmodern twenty-first century, a different scenario erupts during the Christmas holiday season. Some Christmas shoppers do not exemplify the true meaning of Christmas. Every year people are accidentally hurt, and sometimes killed, while attempting to get special discounted items for their loved ones. In fact, it would remind you of “Wrestle Mania.” The bounty would go to the “last man or woman standing,” instead of “preferring your brother or sister. As a result, Christmas shoppers leave the shopping centers and malls with their blood pressure extremely high, cuts and bruises, broken bones, and possibly the loss of a loved one.

Second, since Christmas is symbolic of Jesus’ birthday, shouldn’t Christians and non- Christians alike regularly encounter images, items, and sounds that make shoppers reflect on the spiritual significance of the Christmas season? But, most of the images, items, and sounds that shoppers encounter make them reflect on the secular side of Christmas, especially Santa Claus, his eight tiny reindeer, and all the toys and goodies that must be bought before December 25. In reality, if Jesus was to visit the United States during His Birthday Season, He would be deeply saddened. In fact, it borders on being sacrilegious when the true meaning for celebrating Christmas is replaced with “Showtime at the Shopping Center,” which does not glorify the Lord Jesus Christ when He is the “Real Reason for the Season.”

Third, speaking of not recognizing Jesus Christ as the “Real Reason for the Season,” it is evident that many Americans, based on the manner in which they advertise His Birthday, do not believe that He is. Too many stores advertise their wares by holding “Xmas Sales” or displaying signs that wish their customers a “Merry Xmas.” This is an abomination to Jesus Christ and His Christian followers. Therefore, Christians should not give one cent to a merchant who has the unmitigated gall to “X” their Lord and Savior out of Christmas. But, unfortunately, this blasphemous term is seen throughout many settings during the Christmas holiday season. As a result, is there a possibility that the merchants in the United States have suffered economically the past decade because of their anti-Christ spirit that they promote each year in their stores?

Fourth, many local and state governments, and even the federal government, in the past and in the present have prohibited any icons that would promote the birth of Jesus Christ in the public arena during the Christmas season. Of course, their goal is to deny the existence of Jesus Christ which, in turn, would deny his death and resurrection, too. According to Mychal Massie, a political activist and columnist, “It only makes sense that if the birth of Christ can be rendered of no effect, i.e. reduced to a non-consequential break in routine, ‘His’ death will be rendered of no effect, ergo, ‘His’ resurrection will soon also be reduced to just another vacation day.” (1) As a result, nativity scenes, Christmas caroling, Christmas trees, Christmas lights and decorations, and Christmas breaks have been prohibited at many public government buildings because it would offend non-Christians. But, should Christians sacrifice their heritage for the sake of those who do not accept their Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World.

Of course, there are many examples that have occurred throughout the United States in past years that prove these accusations. Some of these examples are:

1. La Grange, KY—Town officials decided not to display a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn. The scene had been displayed for 14 years. The reason given was that they feared a lawsuit from the ACLU.

2. Somerville, MA—Mayor Joseph Curtatone publicly expressed regret for calling Somerville's "holiday party" a Christmas Party. "I apologize for the mistake," Curtatone said, "and to anyone who was offended by it."

3. Denver, CO—The city's annual Parade of Lights, sponsored chiefly by NBC affiliate KUSA-TV, banned the words "Merry Christmas" from all floats, as well as all Christmas songs. Parade spokesman Michael Krikorian said the decision to discriminate against Christians was made "out of respect for other religions in the region." Meanwhile, the parade honored homosexual and lesbian American Indians as "Holy People."

4. New York, NY—Mayor Michael Bloomberg insisted that the City Hall Christmas Tree was really a "holiday tree."

5. Sunny Isles Beach, FL—The city's fourth annual holiday park lighting ceremony featured Santa Claus, but no Christmas Trees, menorahs, crèches, or any other religious symbols. According to Susan Simpson, director of the Sunny Isles Beach Cultural and Human Services Department, excluding Christmas Trees and menorahs made the event inclusive.

6. Fair Lawn, NJ—Municipal officials called the Christmas tree outside Borough Hall a "holiday tree" and, according to the Bergen Record, refused to allow a menorah there, too, because then they might have to allow other religious symbols.

7. Layton, UT—Following a 20-year tradition, Layton banned a crèche while allowing a paganistic "Winter Zoo." It featured dinosaurs, monkeys, bears and dozens of other lighted animals. (2)

Therefore, as seen in these examples from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, local and state governments are proving themselves to be anti-Christian and anti-Christmas every year. Therefore, it is extremely important for Christians of all denominations to join together and fight the attacks of Satan at the symbols of Christmas and Christianity. When Santa Claus gets more attention at Christmas than Jesus Christ, something is definitely wrong with America’s concept of the true meaning of Christmas. According to Jon Christian Ryter, a commentator and advertising executive for the Washington Times,

Over the past two or three decades, Santa Claus has pretty much replaced Jesus Christ as "the reason for the season" due to the power of advertising and the success of the merchants of Main Street who managed to blur the symbolic religiosity of Christmas by commercializing the holiday. The change was subtle and non-offensive to Christians at first, with images of a venerate Santa Claus worshipping the baby Jesus in manger scenes. By inserting the myth into the reality, the reality of Christ became blurred and indistinguishable from the mythical Santa Claus. As a result: both are rapidly becoming mythical in the minds of an increasingly secular America. (3)

Fifth, the entertainment and media industry (television, music, movies, and news broadcasters) definitely does not have a pro-Jesus Christ attitude. The television industry produces some great and inspirational Christmas programs, but very seldom is the name of Jesus Christ mentioned in a positive sense throughout the programs. In fact, if Jesus Christ’s name is mentioned, it is when a character uses Christ’s name in vain. But, Santa Claus definitely gets his name mentioned repeatedly throughout the programs and receives accolades and kudos that should be reserved for God’s Son, who came to save mankind not to bring toys that break before Christmas Day is over. Also, most singers who sing Christmas songs on their programs during the Christmas season sing secular Christmas songs, such as “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “White Christmas.” However, they should be singing songs that glorify Jesus Christ and His Birth, such as “Silent Night, “Hark the Herald the Angels Sing,” and “Go Tell It on the Mountain.” The movie industry usually produces one Christ-centered movie during Christmas time. But, most of the movies glorify Satan and vilify Jesus, the Son of God. Ultimately, news broadcasters spend more time tracking Santa Claus’ travel route instead of giving praise to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Finally, another area in the public square where anti-Christmas views are promoted is the public schools. The American Civil Liberties Union and other secular humanist groups are fighting diligently to prevent America’s school children from getting involved with the Christmas season. They do not want students to see or hear anything that connects Christ’s birth with Christmas. In fact, public schools have renamed the Christmas season as the holiday season or winter break. But, at the same time, public schools spend taxpayers’ money to promote lifestyles that God the Father condemns. Undeniably, this is a sad commentary to the memory of God’s Only Begotten Son.

As a result, what are these anti-Christian and anti-Christmas groups doing to achieve their goals in America’s public schools? What Christmas symbols are causing them so much agony and stress? First and foremost is the Christmas nativity scene. Even though it has been the focal point of Christmas in America since the founding of the nation, anti-Christmas groups today do not share this opinion. To them, it would be promoting the establishment of a national religion in the United States. However, if 80 to 90 percent of Americans claim to be Christian, it already appears to be the established religion in America, even though President Obama has repeatedly proclaimed that America is no longer a Christian nation. Therefore, if this is the case, and it is, why are these minority groups controlling the affairs of religion in America and its public schools?

Another Christmas symbol that disturbs the ACLU and other anti-Christmas groups is the singing of Christmas carols, especially “Silent Night.” They believe that the words of this song would promote Christianity above other religions, too. But, as stated earlier, since the majority normally rules, Christianity is the religion of America. All other religions should have the freedom to worship, but not at the expense of degrading the Christian faith. Therefore, symbols of Christmas and Christianity should be permitted in public schools without government or judicial interference.

Unfortunately, there are many other specific examples of public schools banning Christmas symbols. Some of these examples in past years are:

1. Kindergartners at a public school in Oregon were invited to bring cards to a Christmas party, but a teacher barred one student from distributing his holiday greeting because it mentioned Jesus Christ. (4)

2. In Illinois, children in most elementary schools must now sing "We Wish You a Happy Holiday,” instead of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." (4)

3. Numerous school officials, including some in Arizona, have considered it unconstitutional and offensive for students to make any reference to the religious history of Christmas in a class project. (4)

4. Many public schools have banned even "instrumental" versions of traditional Christmas carols. In other instances, the words have been rewritten to reflect a humanist secular worldview. (4)

5. Now a school district has banned the colors red and green from a "Winter Break Party," requiring parents to bring only white plates and napkins. (5)

6. Other bans on Christmas include a ban on candy cane distribution when a religious card is attached, a ban on parents giving religious-oriented items to one another on school property, and a ban on criticizing school board members or administrators on campus. (5)

It is obvious from the aforementioned examples that public school systems in the United States have lost their mind in their effort to discriminate against Christianity and Christmas in their schools, but, as previously stated, promote a secular humanist agenda. Ultimately, the saddest part of the attack on Christianity in the public schools is that other religions are being spotlighted at the expense of America’s majority religion. Also, have you noticed that America’s public schools are no longer rated number one? Has God possibly placed a curse on them for their denial of Jesus Christ as the source of all knowledge?

In conclusion, American Christians should realize that if merchants, public schools, and other governmental bodies continue to denounce, by their actions, the true meaning of Christmas and that if Santa Claus continues to gain more praise and honor than Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, Christmas might just revert back to the days of Bob Cratchit, Tina Tim, and Jacob Marley as depicted in Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol.” Then, the peace, joy, and love of Jesus Christ that represents the true meaning of Christmas would be replaced by the greed and lust of sinful mankind, which is the reason Jesus came the first time. Therefore, Christians throughout the United States should make a concerted effort this year and the years to come to prevent the disappearance of a Christ-like Christmas.


1. Massie, Mychal. “A Little Pain, A Lot of Gain” WorldNetDaily. 10 June 2006.

2. Donohue, William A. “2004 Report on Anti-Catholicism” Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. 14 June 2006.

3. Ryter, Jon Christian. “Why the World Wants to Get Rid of Christianity” NewsWithViews. 16 June 2006.

4. Adams, Guy. “The Battle Against Christmas” Renew America. 11 June 2006.

5. Strom, Ron. “District Prohibits Christmas Colors” WorldNetDaily. 13 June 2006http://www.worldnetdaily.com.


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