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A challenge to us all and an insight into your personal call. An effective picture of the 'Old City'. Thank you!
The "old city" in this story is in Asia; another "Older City" that is in the middle east HAS been walked on, trampled, bombed, demolished and occupied. Such a sad scene on Planet Earth...and your story tells the sad truth - they don't know Jesus. Well written story.
What a great insight into another culture. There are differences, yet basic needs are the same. A powerful challenge to us all, wherever we are, to do all that we can for the Lord while there is time. Excellent!
Oh, Yes, that we may "leave our comfort zone and go for a walk." Telling others about His name. Amen to this story, and thank you for sharing!
Thank you for taking us along on your "...evening stroll in the 'Old City.'" I throughly enjoyed your story. Your message is simple and inviting. Very nicely written.
This piece is like a long drink of water on a hot day. It leaves you hydrated...refreshed...what a lovely picture you painted with your words. And what a wonderful, poignant message - one we all need to hear. Loved, loved, loved, it. Thanks for sharing your walk.
Very compelling and moving - you certainly motivated ME to move from my comfort zone. Your last two sentences are perfect!
Wonderful, wonderful description--you appealed to all my senses, without falling into adjective abuse. Delightful!
Sounds like a wonderful place to visit, despite the dust. You've painted the picture so well, I feel like I've already been!
Again and wonderful glimpse into the part of the world you're serving. thanks!
Cool! I really liked this one jiejie. Really descriptive, paints a picture of the atmosphere really well, even the smells (made me feel hungry actually!) Inspiring.