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An excellent retelling of the story of Jesus' resurrection. I once heard that passage preached on in a wedding - the companion of Cleopas was taken by the minister to be his wife and he talked about Christ joining a couple along the road of married life.
I'm with Mel - a good retelling of that story. We've just passed Pentecost a couple of weeks back, right? A timely retelling.
I love this! It helps me see how it must have felt for the them when their sadness turned to joy. It must have been amazing. Beautiful!
The abundance of the Spirit, spread through "me!" Wonderful approach to the topic, and well-crafted.

“O foolish ones,” the stranger said in reproof. Just this one eensy dialogue tag that crossed the line into "telling" rather than showing. Nuf said...It's a beautiful, inspiring piece, and I'm so glad you chose to honor our amazing Holy Spirit!
this has a very polished feel ,,, well put together. It felt very real. I liked it .. you'll score high. Good work!
I am so amazed at God because of the way he told you what to write. The two guys were depressed and doubting all of the promises Jesus had made, and yet he came alongside them and spoke to them for a long time -until their eyes were opened! It encourages me no end to see how God has been working in the same way in your own life :)
Well done, a finished story, indeed as someone said above - polished.
Very good writing, and a fresh POV. I'd have liked an additional twist to make it something more than just a re-telling--maybe more of what-happened-next. But you did a superb job with this; I enjoyed the authentic voice.
Great story. I just love it when the Lord guides our pens as we write for the glory of Him.

Well done. This makes you feel like your on that road with them. Beautiful retelling of a story that holds such an important place in so many hearts.