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Good symmetry and great use of assonance and alliteration. Your poem is not an "easy" read, but is worth the contemplation required!
The vocabulary and word pictures that your poem evoked were excellent. The rhythm once I caught hold of it was steady. Would it not be "trust weakening" rather than "weaking"?
No, this is not an easy read...but it's packed tight imagery coupled with such broad scope and E.A.Poe-like orchestration of word sounds makes it a wonderful poetic experience when the reader invests the time and effort this poem deserves.
Wow - certainly not an easy read, but well worth the effort. You've been highly experimental with your language and I think you've got away with it. Some wonderful words here, and very very tightly crafted. Well done.
Loved it!! Didn't have a problem with the rhythm or the read. I thought it was great.
I agree with Linda, reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe's work. Magnificent - Abundance personified in our Holy God. In His Love,

Wow! This took a lot of work on your part...I loved the rythm (sp???) Good piece of Master's Poetry!
Wow! dear Sherry, Your poetry is just splendid. How you find just the exact words, and words that also fit both the message and the organized meter and rhyme could be a lesson for the rest of us aspiring poets. This is full of meat for chewing thoroughly.
Gasp!! :-)

This is phenomenal. Your word choices are...perfect, creative, compelling, and otherwise PHENOMENAL. Certainly a stand-alone work as I've never read anything like it EVER.

Great job. I can hear the native American flute playing in the background. No kidding.


Wow, such descriptive words, worth reding through again to catch everyting. It layers are worth uncovering.
Excellent word usuage to paint complete pictures with each stroke. I did stumble in the flow a time or two, but it was probably more me than anything. Good job.
another great poem. very good word choices, loved the message. You did very well!

I had to read it through three times ... still so much more I could get with time and attention ... quite amazing.
This deserves more than one read, but you certainly have proven with this that you belong in Masters.
I especially liked your last stanza--"no excuse." Astounding writing.
Masterful poetry. Bravo. Thanks for sharing.
Beautifully crafted work of art. Thanks.
Incredible. This was so passionate. It sweeps the reader right off their feet and takes them for an incredible ride. I would be shocked if this didn't place.
Once again, you inspire me!
Simply breathtaking! What an extraordinary talent God has bestowed upon you. Blessings.