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Wow, the entries are sp strong this week. This looks like another winner. great job, great writing, great storytelling ability. Great EVERYTHING!! Good luck with this piece.
Marvelous creativity! Hmmm, a nurse must have written this...A thoroughly enjoyable read!
This was pretty well written, but I don't think the song is referring to the physical heart.
This is extrememly clever! I had that song in my mind for the whole week, and you used it in an amazingly witty way.
Cute and clever - this was an enjoyable read.
VERY clever!!! I've had that song on my mind all week too, but I wouldn't have thought to have used it like you did!
Very creative. A good read.
I also have had this song running through my mind all week. Masterful writing!
Hehehe, very creative!
Very invigorating and creative!
I love this. Exceptionally creative entry. The first I've read this week, you've set the bar high. Well done!
Excellent writing, distinct personalities for the characters and creative approach. :)