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Hook, line and winner in my books. Drew me in to the very last line. Simply loved this story.
I agree. Superbly written. Right on topic. I'm thinking you're American. Good job.
Pretty good piece. Watch the pronoun reference.
Good piece. It was a very visual story and with the word count you used, that is quite a compliment. Excellent
I love it. Beautiful story.
I particularly enjoyed the double meaning in "I see her crown!" Well done and very atmospheric--as the grandchild of two who made just such a journey, I loved this little historical snippet.
Love it. Very vivid and warm. Your telling of it was great.
"I see her crown" - that cracked me right up! Great job on this story - touching, humourous, and spot-on with the topic.
I'm nearly speechless...WOW! I savored every single word. Now this is prosperity! Bless you!
This was a great historical piece. Very believable. Loved it.
Very well written, very polished, great scene, good timing. All good! The only nit pick ... you used the word bodies 3 times and body once. Expand your word choices a bit and this would be perfect. Excellent writing and could be a winner!
This is great!! Love the play on, sheets. This is pure poetry for sure. Just delightful...pulls at the heartstrings!
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this story, yet it's overflowing with originality. It leads to the slightest indication of prosperity, yet packs a big punch at the end. Very well done in such a few amount of words! Good job, Sally. :) Jo
Wow! This is excellent!
Patriotic, riveting, hopeful, futuristic....can't begin to pin down the adjectives that come to mind! Well done!
Delightful, heartwarming, great entry!!