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I loved this! Do hope it wins.
Very clever. You really need to put these together in a book so that more people can enjoy them as much as we FWs do.
Creative, engaging. The topic was definately there, but maybe a little weak? I felt that the topic stressed here was mainly greed. I don't know, it could just be me. Anyway, a wonderful story and incredibly creative and well written.
You never cease to inspire me! Wish I could write poetry like you! Perfect meter & rhyming, great message, etc..

I think I know who you are....
Another winner (jealous mutterings). Jess may be right about the topic but it's 5's the rest of the way.
I'll put this on my fav list with your others.
Can I get in line for your autograph? This is a winner to me.
I have to agree that the subject is forced at best and a few of the lines aren't "rhythmic" enough to flow to the next. Having said that, this is one of the best peoms i have ever read. Great work!
... one of the best POEMS I have ever read also...
Bravo! Old Scrooge should have had a cat like that! I this this poem is wonderful, flows nicely and a great message.
Hmmm, a very good entry that I would love to be able to pen ... since I really can't do poetry. But, since the author is fairly obvious here (or I'm about to embarass myself!) I don't think it's up the the perfection of your prior two entries. I think it lacked the subtlty and polish of those. Again, however, you are such a strong writer that even your lesser works are contenders. This will score quite well! :-)
Ooo, I enjoyed this! My favorite line was "It takes two hands to pray." I did think it went a tad long, and a few times the meter was forced, but still a very strong piece.
Oh, I love this too! As a cat lover, I can't help but grin from ear to ear with each of these creative and entertaining cat poems! What a delight!! Purr-fect!
There's a lot to love here--tremendously clever rhymes, pleasant meter, a wise cat (I love cats!) and a great message. Returning to the cat, though--I think it weakens the poem. Why not a person?

That's just a personal preference, though--this poem is, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.
This is excellent! I really liked the line "I had assumed from watching you
It takes two hands to pray." Wonderful!
I loved this! Wonderful in every way! I actually enjoyed the length - I've written a couple similar poems myself and it's tough to tell a story in rhyme without seeming long-winded but this held my attention throughout. I wouldn't be surprised to see your name in the winner's circle again. Bravo! Blessings, Lynda
My favourite line was "two hands to pray" as well. Brilliant! I kept waiting for the significance of the cat. Why a cat? And that question was left unanswered. But you did keep me intrigued right to the end and your message is unmistakable.
Another masterpiece. I loved it. You have such a gift. Thanks.
This is pure genius! The merchant's cat-and-mouse monopoly game with the weak (and with the Almighty) requires a Cat to expose the truth. I wish my deep thoughts were so clever! The word pictures became a movie in my mind. I can just see that cat! This is a "favorites" to be sure.
T.S. Eliot would have loved this - great poetry.
Clever, love the cat! Great Job!!
This just kept going and going and going! You're so PROLIFIC!!!!

Early on, I was prepared for some casual humor, but it developed into so much more than that!

This was the grabber for me: "With grand resolve, she mustered strength
And sprang forth in a flash;
She landed firmly in between
Assets and Petty Cash." From this point on, I was all ears. :-)

Perfect! IMHO
How do you keep doing it? :) Congratulations on a well-deserved win!
Congrats! Such talent!
Keep kicking butt Kenn. Well deserved win!

How do you do it? Brilliant in every way - the message, the setting, the poetry - wow! (And this comes from someone who is not a cat-lover!)
How did I miss this one? Story poetry - a perfect genre! Talentedly awesome once again! Congratulations Kenn!
Loved it! This is a well-deserved first place. You have such a way with words that makes them seem to sing!
Totally brilliant. Technically perfect, I think; brilliant language; but also some really deep concepts - you didn't stick with just one metaphor (eg two hands to pray), and labour that, but moved seamlessly from one to another, without ever mixing them, of course. Well deserved first place.