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Amazing! I got goosebumps just reading it! Well done.
I was reduced to tears as I read this lovely account of a Father's love for His child, a Groom's love for His bride, my Father's love for me. Awesome job! Cheri
Wow...just wow. This builds to one of the most beautiful climaxes I've ever read, with the lifting of the veil and the final "Come home." Wow.
I've just sat here for way too long trying to think of how I can convey to you what a beautiful letter this is. And I just can't find adequate words. This is love, so pure, so personal, so perfect. Thank you, and bless you, for penning this exquisite letter.
Okay, you've moved me to tears too. This could only be written by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit in you! It is the ultimate love letter, the perfection of intimacy. Beautiful!
Just gorgeous. Well done.
This - is - exquisite! Awesome and powerful. Too beautiful for words.
Beautiful. This is wonderful.
Wow. I loved this. Such a personal way to express how much God loves and cares for us as individuals. I loved the line, "My vision of you held me to the cross more firmly than the nails." Beautiful and touching. Great job.
Awesome writing. Deserves high accolades! I absolutely loved the end. Jo
I loved the beginning and the ending ... wow to the ending. Great work there. I think you will score quite well with this. I felt the middle was just a bit squishy... could have been refined a touch more... maybe pulled out a few lines. But, I doubt that will hurt you much. You've captured a world of emotions here and stoked the hope of us all. Great job!
Touching and well written. Very good job.
Magnificent! A beautiful love letter from God - perfect entry for "Love." A definite contender this week. Simply wonderful.
You got the name wrong at the beginning - it should have read "Dear Melanie". I would like to print this off and fold it into the pages of my Bible. Well written and very touching.
What beautiful imagery. Beautifully done. Thank you.
Wonderful Writing! When I read the title I imagined a wedding story...and that's definitely what it is! The intimacy and love portrayed here are excellent. I love the ending, too!
So sweet.. brought a lump to my throat! Wow!
A masterpiece at its finest!
Simply beautiful. I don't know what else I can say that hasn't already been said in the comments, but I need to go wipe my tears and blow my nose anyway.

WELL DESERVED WIN. Just stunning.
Debbie, this was simply beautiful, from begining to end. I loved it! Congrats!
Impressive! In complete control, you snared me immediately and played me like a yo-yo master: spinning out into eternity, then up-close-and-personal with the shared intimacy glimpsed through a bridal veil, then back again to the eternal. This piece connects and evokes personal feeling, transmitted with truth and beauty. Congratulations, Debbie. I am so proud of you!

Debbie, I love this entry, and I'm going to feature it in the Front Page Showcase for the week of May 4th. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page, and congratulations!
This is such a beautiful writing and so very true showing God's love for each of us individually and collectively (the Church-his bride)....This is a well deserved winner. I loved it.
what a beautiful piece, that brought tears to my eyes this afternoon. it made me think of my grandmother.