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Wowsers, I'll bet I know whose this is...superb job! The scriptures you picked for the end of each man's parallel story were perfect. A refreshing piece with an approach not often seen.
lovely didactic piece of literature.
Good writing and God bless .This kind of talent maketh a great writer and social analyst.
I know who wrote this too. ;-) Good job and good point!
I've no idea who wrote this, but the contrast works well. Good job!
Great piece of writing. Nice title!
It's not how much money you have, but what you do with what you've got. Great message.
I like this a lot - the parallel between the two men is great. I see an error in the line "heres the keys.." It should read here ARE the keys (plural). Overall, very well done showing the love in each man's heart.
Great lesson ... I'd really like to find out what I'd do with a $2,000,000 bonus. Test me, Lord! ;-) I jest, but it points to the reality of the story. What a struggle it could be for a person with the wrong priorities. The only problem with parallel stories like this is there is so little space that developing 2 characters is hard work. You pulled it off well. Good job!
How sad the hearts of men can be ... two men, both alike in earthly trappings but different in their souls!
Well written, says such a lot in a limited word count. I particularly like the fact that both characters are black. Yeggy
Enjoyed the contrast pattern of this article. Well done.
Love the title,love the story! Great job.
Powerful contrast here! And both characters are very realistically portrayed. Good job.