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Interesting take on the topic. John never struck me as the wavering type, but then again, facing death, who knows what thoughts bombarded his mind? A couple parts confused me a bit but I'm chalking it up to the early morning hour :-). Your writing definitely held my interest. Well done.
Well done. I enjoyed this.
This was very good! The only slightly "off" note for me was the cafe'--did they have such a thing in Biblical times? Perhaps...but maybe not by that name? But what's a little anachronism...this is a very thoughtful re-telling of John in prison. I enjoyed it a great deal.
You set the prison scene beautifully, and the way his imagination tried to get him somewhere else was clever. The reference to a cafe threw me too ... put me about 2000 years later ... but once I realized, I pulled my mind back again.

I like the happy ending ... even though I know that just around the corner was the beheading ... but he went satisfied.
FW's write for unbelievers as well, thus needs referenced scripture to help those who are unfamiliar with the Bible. Secondly, even avid bible readers are confused which JOHN,(John the Baptist or John the Desciple?) is inprisoned...until one goes back and re-reads to clarify. Other than wondering throughout who the arrogant man questioning John was, I thought it "Well Written, Creative, Well Constructed and nailed the Topic to a "T"." (Confusing, to me)...but Well DOne!
You've done a great job of getting inside John's head and answering for us that age-old question as to why John seemed to have a few moments of doubt about Jesus. Well done.
Well done...I liked the conversational approach.

missed this first time around... excellent piece, and well deserved win
Very interesting perspective Melanie. I like trying to read between the lines of the narrative like this. I like your results!