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Actually, this sounds like the beginning of a much longer story. It would be interesting to go on from there...what does he want to do with his life? Do the two of them end up married, perhaps missionaries on some foreign soil, etc.
You've set the scene just beautifully - I was right there with them, although three was a crowd ;-) Well done.

I have a slight gripe with the line, [i]"But you need to do what you want to do, otherwise youre going to miss out on the very best God has for you.[/i] Sometimes we put too much emphasis on what we want, although I sure don't think fulfilling his father's expectations was right either. But I'd have liked to have seen encouragement to seek God's direction.

That's my only gripe - overall, I thought it was great. Well done.
The level is Masters, right? So how could you leave out a "to"? eh? "...never reveal it "to" anyone. (?)
For the regulars -leaving out words is normal - but for the Big Guys on the block, it is Catastrophic! Anyhoo...I liked the story, just needed a finish; you left your readers hanging, which is not FULFILLING. But not bad for a Master! - and I loved the scenic view, the waves, the sand, the smell of the sea.

I don't think you left the reader's hanging at all.
This was the scripture given to us by the Spirit at our baptisim and it's a beautiful reminder to follow God's will.
You need to ask God, not man.
I don't find anything wrong with it.
I love the ending of this piece. Too often writers are tempted to add just one more paragraph, to say what happened next--when it's really so much better to trust your writing and credit your readers with "getting it." You avoided the "one paragraph too many" trap beautifully, and wrote a lovely, tender story.
Well, I thought this was great. All of it. It speaks to the very common inner struggle many (if not all) of us face...between doing what seems best and doing what is RIGHT. I agree that we don't know what is best or right except when trusting God...but that came through for me.

Good job, and the setting and imagery added a lot!!!
There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. Murphy's Law, "if he can do it wrong, he will."

I like the thinking behind the story. I think it opened a bit slowly and that your character was too complacent. Of course, that is what Jackie is trying to shake him out of.

Natural writing, believable characters. I think it needed more tension and a resolution on the part of the MC.
Great job. The ending leaves it open to interpretation. The characters were very believable. I enjoyed reading it.