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What a creative idea - to set the teaching of a pslam in a letter. I found that I wanted to know what had happened to Mara. It also challenged me to pray more for the needs of those people I know whao are going through tough times.
Yes, godly exposition well executed. As for 'the songs that awaken the dawn' - I've never quite grapsed that, but you helped. Thank you
Precious! What a creative way to present a devotional. As my dawn breaks I am thankful I get to start my day with these teachings. You've captured such a wide range of emotions sincerly and honestly. This was a blessing to my heart.
I really appreciated Amity's candour. No pretending to be the perfect Christian, just open honesty, but with a determination to trust in His word too. Great way to present some hope filled lessons.

:) Karen
I, too, enjoyed the format of this entry. Good job!
Well done, indeed!
I've never read anything quite like this, which is kudos to your creativity. I'm blessed. It is as if you are writing this piece to me. :)
As someone else mentioned, I also found myself wondering what happened to Mara. Wonderful, vivid writing, as always. You made the Psalm come alive for me. Well done!
This is awesome! I love the names you picked for your two correspondents, and Amity's voice is perfect. A friend, not a preacher--a real person, in fact. One of my picks this week, for sure.
I love how you've described the anger and frustration felt as a friend unable to physically help. The line: "I’m a growling, fearsome bulldog on your behalf, yet without teeth and tethered tightly far from the action." And also: "If only I could choose incredibly vicious traps. Destruction – bring it on!" are perfect. You've described so well a human friend with human emotion, who is still trying to act according to God's words. Great job Suzanne!
What a creative way to share a Psalm and make it applicable to our lives today! I really wanted to know what had happened to Mara but it was just nosiness on my part, not essential to your piece. I especially liked the honesty of the emotions! Good job!
Very emotional, earnest, and honest...loved the honesty!!
I like the brutal honesty expressed here. This very day I heard of a situation that makes me want to scream, "Noooo!" with Amity. Psalms are certainly encouraging in times like this. Well done.
It's good that Amity was so honest with her friend. I would like to know more about the situation that Mara is in. It builds the suspense and makes you want to read on for a glimpse of her problem revealed. Great story!
Yes, I agree with all the above...a super job for sure!!
We all need friends that feel so fiercely, and counsel us with spirit of truth and righteousness. Beautifully written. I felt it.
Good work as always Suzanne! Very pwoerful and really spoke to me with where I'm at at the moment. Luv Judy
"Somehow, I’ll try to pray more like a Christian, and less like a mad woman set on revenge."

Awesome line.

It's still very you. "Bring it on!" :P

It do love the contrasts though.

Ahhh, David... haven't we all been there?