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This story was raw with emotions and truths. It's so beyond my comprehension to realize these things happen all too often to so many women and children.
I pray constantly for these individuals who can be neighbors and acquaintances along the way.

Good job expressing those twisted rationalities of suffering children. This brought on many old feelings. Well done.
A sad, sad story, but one we should all take notice of. Thank you for sharing!
Raw. Brave. Well written. Hurry back Lord - then all tears will be wiped away.
This story breaks my heart. It is written so well with the underlying story clearly understood. I hope it is fiction.
A well written example of a heartbreaking topic. Excellent job.
Great story. This is real and I like how you captured the "childlike innocence". Well done. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations.
Graham, I was a judge for this topic, and as soon as I read your entry, I emailed Shari to say how impactful it was. Goodness, you had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Well done!
Congrats Graham,
very powerful.
WOW! This is incredibly powerful! And so well written. Congratulations on a VERY well-deserved win!
This tugged at my heartstrings. It didn't have a happy ending, but it was open-ended and gave me hope. Good job.
I haven't been writing long in FW but I kept seeing the title of this article popping up as the number 1 so I had to read it.
Wow, so many lessons I see here:
Some stories may not include a "Happily Ever-After ending, yet they can still leave room for hope.

The other is that when we meet someone, child or adult, who has some odd behaviors we need to get to know them and not reject them because we don't know the whole story.

I certainly see why you are the Best of the Best for 2023!
God Bless