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This was funny... I felt the embarrassment and stress of waking up neighbors!! This sounds like one of our family stories we tell at holiday dinners!! Loved how you kept me reading!
The title drew me in and I wasn't disappointed. I felt for Gabe and his lack of mechanical skills as the neighbors looked on to see if he could put an end to his woes.
Bravo! Loved the twist at the end. I would not have known what to do. Disconnect the battery is the answer? I learned something new.Your writings never disappoint!
I love this story! I think we can all relate to trying to solve something that seems so simple or at another time (maybe fully awake LOL) we would have no trouble with. Your descriptions are vivid and make this easy to visualize.

Keep writing! Well done!
The title intrigued me too. Very clever.
I was expecting a different ending though. Something like a book leaning against the horn button inside. This one's better.
Engaging and frank. Well done.
Okay, this is hysterical. I wondered if maybe that was the problem, but thought no way. I literally snorted at the ending. Great descriptions!
I absolutely love this! First place for me--if I were a judge? ; ) You hit the topic on the head and nailed it in with your description of a not-so-light moment!
This piece was hysterical. It was a favorite this week. It is often difficult to write a comical piece. I suspected your husband had the wrong vehicle but the writing was spot o .

The title was clever. Hope this does well with the judges.
I was confused on one line: It soon became clear that as a car mechanic, Gabe could make money as a skilled seamstress (I could see makeup artist).

I still hope you win 1st place this week!
Fantastic story! You had me laughing out loud, and I didn't see it coming that he was working on the wrong car. I actually loved the line, "It soon became clear that as a car mechanic, Gabe could make money as a skilled seamstress." So funny!
Congratulations on your 3rd place finish this week, Mariane!
Congratulations. Happy Dance!
Congratulations on your EC! You deserved it!
Oh this made me laugh. I'm still chuckling. That could have been my husband and me.
Congratulations on your 3rd place Mariane. I really enjoyed your story and its humour. Well written and deserving of its EC! We had a similar experience of our car horn going off in the middle of the night a while ago. Mechanics replacing a recalled airbag had left something touching something ... My husband and a neighbour managed to stop the noise, thankfully.