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I'm glad the editor took the time to read the words and not just pay attention to the mistakes. Although under normal circumstances, the material would have probably ended up in the wastebasket.

I'm guessing Jan wrote this. When she was editing a couple of short stories for me, she pointed out that I had incorrectly used the word myriad (Fortunately, I learned that lesson well).
I love the intrigue surrounding the content of the article and the person and circumstances surrounding Chrissy.
This story touched me.

The editor sees the grammar and content in a different light...whereas when I read entries, all I "see" is the "heart of the person" nothing more.

That's why I don't envy "editors" or those who are experts in the field because it's innate to them as they read, the "errors" are all they seem they can't see beyond to grasp the story or plot.

God bless the editors, where would we be without them?

However, I'm glad I'm not one, I enjoy reading for fun.

As for this story, well done!!! Right on...and I'm sure it'll score well with the judges.

Great job.

This was a touching story. I liked the message was trying to share. It is easy to see all of the mistakes of others.

I hope the MC reconnects with her sister.

I could use some editing skills myself. An Editor deserves a lot of respect

Congratulations Jan! I knew you'd score with this winner!
Well done, and as I've said in my comments...God bless the editors, where would writers be without them?

Thanks for sharing,

Well, I can say from experience that you are not one of those heartless editors, Jan. Quite the opposite, in fact. This was spot on in MYRIAD ways, especially the heart.:)
Congratulations on winning 1st place this week, Jan. I guessed correctly.

You are certainly deserving of the 1st place finish in EC.

It must be satisfying to spot those grammatical errors.

An Editor is a diamond in the rough.Your story shines like a brilliant diamond.