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Thank you for your article and letting us peer into your heartbreaking story. So sorry for your loss. I, too, feel a certain similarity to you, as I was a stay-at-home-mom, and no, I don't know how to put gas in my car either! Always have my husband do that. But, being married for 50 years this year, I know the day will come when he may not be here either. I will be in the same boat, not knowing how to handle life on my own. I appreciate the insight you have given me, and the courageous way you wrote your story.
My heart, love and deepest sympathy go out to you...I am so sorry for your loss.

When people who love each other as you two so obviously do, it is always a deep penetrating heartache for the one "left behind."

You reminded me of my mom when our dad died, he did everything for her...and she was at a loss to where to pick up. We, her children helped her...and she eventually moved in with my sister. She passed almost two years ago...back with the LORD, and with my Dad.

Thank you for sharing your poignant story with certainly fit the topic completely.

God bless you and this newest journey~
So sorry for your loss. You portrayed well the anguish and humiliation of being torn in half and trying to find wholeness again.

My husband of over thirty years had a major brain aneurysm. It is only the grace of God I still have him. For a year he could basically only sit in a chair. We had a farm and business to run, no insurance and impossible bills. I had always helped but I was the help-meet. There were many days I was overwhelmed to sobbing trying to keep up. I learned what a blessing it is even to have him just to take care of. God blesses us so much in a faithful marriage but ultimately He is our only El Shaddai (all sufficient one.)As my husband put it we learned He provides even when we sleep.
God bless you and make you whole in Him.