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Fibromyalgia is so complex and only those who have it (I was diagnosed 23 years ago)could understand the debilatating effects it could have on so many levels.

I related to this and I thank you for your honesty and for sharing with us.

Even without Fibromyalgia, my mind at times wanders through the Lord's prayer. Your piece is a good reminder to really think about and celebrate time with Christ.
You make some great points. I enjoyed your subtle sense of humor, I get it. What's even cooler, God gets it too. :)
I liked this quite a bit, especially the first two thirds or so. That was very compelling reading, and the choppy style fits the content perfectly.

After the first division, it got a bit more rambling. I realize that rambling was the entire point, but you went from addressing your reader to addressing God, and that was a bit disorienting. And I felt that the ending (feeling guilt about capitalization) was a odd one.

Each criticism in the above paragraph could easily be countered with "But that's the point--my condition makes my brain jump around." I get it--but the key would be to find a way to keep the reader compelled, too. The first part of your story did that very well.
I love the end results of your whirligig thoughts and stuttering mind. I identify with you always, and what you write never fails to make me chuckle. As Jan said, maybe you shouldn't have mentioned the article, as it's a no-no if you hope to be published. Other than that I enjoyed the story of you, being you, as always!
Congratulations, Judith, on your 5th place EC award. Your story really got the point across.
Creative and very candid work. I like your thought about this prayer becoming a mantra despite Jesus' lead-up to it.
Could I also caution against too much guilt about falling asleep in a prayer (providing it doesn't become a habit) for it may conversely indicate complete relaxation in God's acceptance and submission within his presence.
Yours 'heretically,'

P.S. "I agree with Noel's comment about relaxation in His true!"
Congratulations Judith, on a well deserved placing. More of the same please.
Delightful self dialogue dear!