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There is such delicious emotion in this piece, from pain to joy. The referral to "Great Expectations" adds a deeper layer to your story because it brings with it that relationship between Pip and his step father from the novel. A really well executed story with every word choice deliberated over. Well done.
This brought tears...what a touching story! I loved the surprise. Great writing!
Brilliant work here. Each week you produce something out of the box and this is no exception. Very clever to use Great Expectations and Pip. And who would have thought at the start that this would turn into a tear jerker. I think this will rate highly. Great stuff!
Such a powerful story and a great reminder never to make assumptions based on appearances. Your descriptive writing was spot on, as always, and I loved your portrait of the relationship between the young man and his adoptive father. Outstanding work!
A great piece of writing, as you use interesting descriptions and develop your characters quickly. Emotive, gripping, powerful message. Thanks.
This is a great story, as the others have said. I fully understood his grievance, but hoped he would come around. Of course, he did, and for the perfect reason.

Good writing.
You met my great expectations in this one. Right on!
I agree with all the prior comments. The story was compelling and the writing so fluid.
A big congratulations to you Zach. I knew this one would do well... yet again! You are becoming a permanent resident in EC. A well deserved win!
This story was masterfully written. My emotions went from sorrow to exhilaration in a matter of few minutes. You should write a collection of short stories since your storytelling ability is brillant. I really liked the ending when the father and son bonded. Congratulations on 1st place in EC
Congratulations on your 1st place EC award, Zach!

I thought the surprise ending made the story really special. I knew this story was a winner the first time I read it; however, I can't believe I forgot to leave feedback.
Compelling. Engrossing. I couldn't have stopped reading even if I'd wanted to. The story is so tenderly written that I wept unashamedly. Thank you for sharing this great treasure!
Top writing Zach, as you took us through the parallels while concealing them from us - until you were ready to spring them on us.
Congratulations on a well-deserved win.
Oh congratulations Zac, a fantastic win. Your writing is always a pleasure and I'm thrilled that your talent is so well recognised. A buzz for a great writer truly blessed by God with special words and ideas.
Even the book your MC was reading held a clue to your brilliantly written story.

It's one of those WOW tales that left me in awe of your talent as a wordsmith.

Congratulations on your well deserved 1st place win.
Congratulations, Zac. This is wonderful writing - completely engaging from start to finish, and well deserving of its 1st place win.
I love this story, and I knew it would do well. Congratulations on the 1st place EC win! It was well deserved, and you are truly a master of words!
God bless~
Somehow I missed this first time round - my great loss! What an amazing and wonderful story, beautifully written. Many congrats on your very well deserved win of the quarter
Congratulations on winning the quarter, Zach! It was such a deserving and well written story. I wish you continued success.