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Sounds like s great adventure! I love the way you brought it all to life. The title was excellent!
Great descriptive work that drew me in. I wasn't boared at any point.
Great twist to wrap it up, too. Well done.
I really enjoyed reading this, and could almost smell the hogs! You mentioned an iffy grammar mistake. I'm thinking it's in the sentence "Mini vans didn't exist then, but if they had been, that's how big this guy was. It should have just been "if they had" I think. Great writing!
oh... hogs... There's not a smell so invasive, so overpowering with such endurance as the odor you find on a hog confinement! Way to turn the story at the end. I love when stories come full circle:)
Ahh, that was fun and lively. I have traveled so much in the deep south that all your details were very vivid to me. :P
Yuk! Stinky pigs wallowing in sludge - I will never again eat a bacon buttie. In spite of this I really enjoyed your trip, and thanks for sharing it with us.
OH, the smell of pigs. It clears any sinus passage with one whiff. This was an amusing story that kept me entertained the whole way through.
I love your story. It didn't stink at all either. :) You have the hog farm aroma exactly right. We raised hogs for 15 years and you do become desensitized a little (not a whole lot, just a little). You have a wonderful writing style. This story completely charmed me.
Congratulations on ranking 14th overall! Happy Dance!