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God bless~
hahaha! So cute! I'm so glad I read both this article and Verna's. They give me courage to submit the piece I'm working on for next weeks Challenge:) Great job! Thx for sharing!
Awww! I was feeling so grieved about Rusty the possum not being invited on the trip. I became a little girl again, reading faster and faster longing for a happy ending. I'm so glad you didn't disappoint me.

Did someone just call me saddo?
This was really cute. Could be an excellent children's story. My one thought: I wonder how it would sound if Rusty told the story (1st person). My imagination kept taking me there, trying to hear Rusty tell me how it felt to be hidden away in the back, and what he must have thought when he "broke wind."

Great story.
This is such a cute story. I admire your creativity. Well, to be honest. I envy your creativity. :) I loved the ending. I could just picture the skunk accompanying the family on a trip and the shenanigans that would transpire.

Great job!
What a hoot! This is your best ever! I am still giggling insanely over the antics of your adorable possum. And I never imagined possums to be adorable! I would love a sequel with that purty little skunk . . .