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I've wrestled for a couple of days about whether or not to comment here, and I have found this morning that comment I must. I pray that my comment will be seen for what it is--a sincere admonishment and not just a critical spirit, although I have often been guilty of the latter.

I am sure that the writer did not intend to be insulting and was only using humor to illustrate a point. The point is lost, though, when we forget that at the other end of the joke is a human heart struggling in a particular area. When we resort to "fat jokes," to show the harmful effects of gluttony, we are mocking a struggle that is very real.

Perhaps, I am overreacting, but I can honestly say that reading this article did not make me disgusted by gluttony. It made me disgusted that I, myself, have laughed at too many "fat jokes," dismissing the human being . . . What if my particular struggles with human weakness were manifested physically in my flesh? What if everywhere I went people would be able to point at me and know exactly where I struggle most?

Bottom line--I found this article lacking in compassion. Please correct me if I have read it wrong--and to whomever the writer is, please don't stop writing because of my reaction. I can promise you that I have probably done the same thing with my words more than once. I probably do it every day . . . but that doesn't make it okay . . .
I know someone will slap me for this but I actually liked where you were going with it. Only thing maybe round it up with maybe I know people will flame me for the way I look at myself but someone has to love me. I challenge you to find ten funny things about yourself?

I am sure I am totally off base but I am sure you can find ten reasons why I am wrong:)
I hardly dare comment now, but I found this article to be highly amusing.

There are people who have real struggles with controlling food intake for a variety of reasons, and probably the majority of those reasons are psychological. I have a genuine sympathy for those people. But on the whole I feel this entry is meant to be light hearted and humourous, and not in any way offensive.

You've managed to hit the topic 100% in this short but throught provoking entry.

God bless~
I see this entry as light-hearted and I chuckled. You looked at this from a fresh angle and it was done in good humor.
Like blond jokes...the scenarios here are so overly exaggerated it seems plain they are a lighthearted look at a human failing, but not a real jab at anyone. To me, it directs one to look at ones self, no one else. They made me grin.
To the writer of this piece, I feel a need to clarify. I do not think that you were intentionally insensitive--do not think that at all. And, it could be argued that I am being overly-sensitive, but I think it is important that you understand my perspective. I teach high school, which can be likened to a breeding ground of human cruelty in many ways. I am sensitive to the struggles of those who don't fit the "norm" in outward appearance because I have seen the hurt heaped on them by the words of others.

Also, I have a dear family member who struggles with bulimia, which could be argued is a form of gluttony that doesn't manifest in the same way . . .

I understand you mean to be light-hearted, and you are very clever at it--a good writer, and again, I do not think you were purposely being insensitive. I voiced my perspective openly rather than in a private comment because I wanted all of us as writers to think about the impact of our words and just what a privilege we have been given to be "salt and light" in a dark, dark world using the gifts the Lord has given us.

I don't want to be argumentative--just trying to explain my perspective.
Humour is always a risk when it enters a stage where there are no visual guides to how an audience is responding.
While I felt that the exaggerations in this piece would bridge any sense of belittling anyone's struggles, Frankie has had the courage to voice her concerns more publicly than a private message would express. I see her concern more from compassion than from simply wishing to complain; so please, let's cut her some slack.
Oh-oh, Noel, your Jesus is showing. ;-)

I am so blessed by your gracious words . . . I am so blessed to have so many Brothers and Sisters in this great wide world who are uniquely gifted and at the right places at all the right times. What a Father we have!