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Wow, talk about brilliant. I am almost ashamed for you to read mine.

This is absolutely spellbinding, and if it doesn't rank well, I just don't know what to think about the judges.

Loved this one! It is just excellent and a creative take on the topic.

This is a powerful article that is well written. It makes one stop and evaluate their life & make sure they are on the right path.

I think you will do fine with this article!
Fantastic job on this well-crafted piece! You had me every step of the way, reading with spell-bound interest. This is going to really speak to many of the casual roamers to the FW site who may be sitting on the fence. Powerfully graphic depiction of the truth. Thanks.
Very descriptive and challenging work. Well done.
The twists & turns took me by complete surprise; well done!

Wing His Words
I must say, I was surprised by the ending. Good job!
Wow! I loved the open-end! A favorite thought and line here, "I had you prepared to marry me, instead you go with Him?" Your sanctified imagination created a beautiful story. Great writing!