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Delightful, and on topic. Loved the humor.
How enjoyable to read. Nicely done.

I liked the line "Cuddle and coo"
Not so sure of "with spiders as your company."

Very funny!
Fun! The things we teach children! :)
Wonderful revisioning of some of our most familiar stories of old. It was a lot of fun to read, I bet it was a lot of fun to write, too.

Great job!
Hahaha! Oh, that made me laugh. I like silliness.

I enjoyed the retelling of the familiar rhymes.
Yup silly indeed. Well done.
This is truly wisdom from the sages of the ages! :) And it takes talent, skill, a clever mind, and a poet extraordinaire to glean wisdom from these Nursery Rhymes. I enjoyed these so very much. I'm a poetry reader to my grandkids and these made my heart sing. I love each stylized word.
Oh yes, this is fun and silly and on topic. I love it! But did you have to mention that big spider that sat down beside her? EEEEEK!
This reminds me of a Shakespearean twist:
"'Twas in a restaurant they met;
Romeo and Juliet.
He had no way to pay the bill,
So Rome-owed what Juli-et."

Very creative and a lot of fun wrapping itself around some down to earth advice.

Well done.
I love this! - brilliant rhymes, clever twists, and loadsa fun! Just great for the topic too. The writing of it must have bought many a smile!

God bless~